Physical Therapy LOSS

Physical therapy was NOT GOOD yesterday. My arm was just so tight starting out, and it just did not loosen up. We (Carmen and I) noticed it in my very first exercise after my warm up. I was doing my wall v's and she said " you look tight today." I groaned a little and said "I feel tight today." So we kind of spent a large chunk of the session just trying to loosen things up. There was more stretching than normal and a lot more massage as well. My bicep tendon was apparently particularly tense, and once she rubbed that loose, I could almost feel my arm drop in response. It was strange. I am definitely going to need to really try and be good and get through all of my exercises today, hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

Part of me definitely wonders if it was doing some exercises with real weight on Tuesday that caused this. But the other side of me thinks, "you only had 3 lbs in your right hand. You do some exercises with 4 lbs at PT, so that cannot be it." Regardless, in some ways, I feel like I am back at square one. I am not, we took measurements. My flexion actually improved another 5 degrees. However my extension did not improve at all (but no back tracking either!)

A quick update on the elbow front other than my PT progress...  I go back to the doctor on July 9. I am not entirely sure what he will be looking for at that point, maybe the healing of the scar? Maybe to see what kind of PT progress I am making? Carmen told me yesterday that if I don't get the full range of motion that they want me to get, they can surgically (read: painfully) force it. I told her that I would rather have 98% mobility than to have surgery again. But I guess if the doctor demands it,  I want it this year, because I might as well bleed my insurance! Here is the scar today:
Nice and pink! I think it looks pretty good, although I am not a doctor, nor do I have any experience with scare of that size or anything. It is still itchy fairly regularly, and the skin around it still gets pretty funky and dried out regularly. Lotion is a constant companion. The very tip of my elbow is funny, as it is WAY more of a tip than it was before surgery. When I am flexing like that facing a mirror or something, you can see where the skin is extra stretchy over the tip. Not sure if that is normal or problematic, but I definitely feel a pull there.

One thing that I have been really good about since getting pregnant? (We all know that I have not been overly wonderful about everything...) HYDRATION.
That's my insulated Camelbak Eddy which stays at work and is CONSTANTLY refilled. I easily drink a gallon of water every single day, plus one cup of coffee in the morning. At home, I have a pint glass (RnR Vegas) that I refill at least three times in the evenings. I am not sure why I feel the need for so much water, but I honestly feel like i need it. I guess it's not hurting!

I spent 5 miles (and around 77 minutes) on the treadmill yesterday, I have needed to slow it down yet again to try and keep up with things. But at least I am still going, right?


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