My Grip (on reality? No, literally) is Not so Good

If you are in the midwest, you will know that we are dealing with some nasty weather. Right now, in Blue Ash, where my home and office is located, we have some serious darkness going on, along with a lot of thunder and rain. It is pretty bad here. We managed to escape a lot of the severe wind and stuff that other parts of Ohio (including my hometown!) suffered from last night, but right now things are scary out. The most surprising part is that when I got here this morning, it was actually quite nice out (although very humid) even a little bit sunny!

I am exhausted today. I think with all of the walking plus physical therapy plus staying up late to either watch hockey or basketball is catching up with this 32 week, 3 day pregnant lady. In reality, I should probably try and spend a few days relaxing, but I cannot at this point. I need to keep up with my PT, especially, since I am hopefully less than 8 weeks from baby arrival and I want to be back to full strength for her. And trust me, I have a LONG way to go before I am back to full strength, I think.

As an example of strength that I have lost that I didn't even KNOW about.... at my first PT appointment, Carmen asked about my grip. I told her that when my hand was super swollen it was not good. I mean, I was dropping my phone all over the place and stuff, but now that I am out of my sling and working on getting back to normal, things seem to be ok. She checked it anyway. I am able to produce 28 lbs of pressure with my left (not strong but non-injured) hand. My right hand cannot even produce 2 lbs of pressure. That's amazing, right? It sure seemed strange to me! Yesterday she added two exercises to specifically address this.

There's the love bug and I this morning. He was feeling extra snuggly, which is good because I am so sleepy. Having a sweet snuggly puppy with you always makes you feel more calm and better about everything. At least, my snuggly puppies do. And yes, I realize that it is obvious that Zeus is my favorite child. But that is because Zeus just loves everyone. Teek just loves J and she could take me or leave me. So I might as well love on the puppy that loves on me back!

Honestly, I am ready for the baby to get here now so I know what life is going to be like! But she better keep cooking. I want her nice and strong like momma when she gets here!


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