June Promotions for DietToGo!

As a Diet to Go Ambassador, I want to fill you in on a few AWESOME things that they have in the works for the month of June! There is a lot going on with this great company right now, and I think ANY of my readers might like to become involved with this company and their products.

First of all, "LIKE" Diet to Go on Facebook. By doing this, you will be eligible to enter their sweepstakes, where you can win FREE meals!
You can win up to a whole MONTH of their delicious food, and 5 runners up will receive 1 week of meals!

Have you heard of Diet Bet? Diet to Go is sponsoring one! Here is how it works. It starts on June 28th. You put in your money to enter (for DietToGo's bet, it is a $25 entry). It lasts until July 25th. You weigh in weekly and post pictures for proof on the DietToGo Diet Bet website, and if you lose 4% of your weight in that 4 week period, you are a winner! You will get your $25 back, along with a share of the pool that is made up of those who did NOT reach the 4% goal. In addition, for DietToGo's bet, DietToGo is offering $50 gift cards to their winners in addition to the pool funds. And all runners up will receive 25% off of a meal plan from DietToGo!

DietToGo also has a Google+ Community Page. Go here for their latest blog posts, happenings, offers, and for informative articles about health and nutrition. The title of the Community is Common-Sense Healthy Living, and I believe it is perfectly embodies what DietToGo has to offer. Check it out and feel free to join the community for lots of great information!

Diet to Go will also be hosting a twitter chat later in June. I will post details on this once we get closer to the date. Participating is fun and easy!

Disclaimer: As a DietToGo Ambassador, this is a sponsored post.


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