Incision Update, Workouts, Work Stress

Another day has come and gone, and yesterday was a day filled with appointments (4 weeks post-op doctor appointment) and lots of work. I am starting to work on preparing my duties for someone else to take over for approximately 2 months (plus one month while I am training him) and that is really difficult for me to wrap my head around. I am not excited about training my own replacement, I was not excited about interviewing a large group of people (we interviewed 5 people!) and I am VERY insecure about leaving for 2 months, give or take. What happens when I come back? How does that work? Will it be hard for my replacement (even though he is temp) to leave? What if he is BETTER than me?

As you can see, I have some work issues on my mind, so believe it or not, there is something going on here other than pregnancy, no running/just walking and my elbow! I am sure that is hard to believe for some folks (potentially even my husband) since talking about work other than "it's going pretty well" is not common for me.

Yesterday at the doctor, he ripped off my steri strips. I have had them changed several times since my surgery, and I guess yesterday I had enough.
The first picture is immediately after the removal of the strips. My arm had not been washed or anything. The second is this morning, nearly 24 hours later, after a shower and 2 workouts. Interesting and painful thing...  sweat stings. I sweat a lot these days, and when sweat ran down my arm when I was walking this morning, it hurt a little! So yes, my arm definitely still looks a little bit banged up, there is a bruise on the joint for sure, but things are progressing, little by little!

I head back to physical therapy today for day 2 of official torture. I put myself through the torture yesterday (including the icepack of awesomeness) but today it gets to come from someone else, even though it will most likely be the exact same exercises. I am not sure if we will do measurements every session or not, but I guess I will see when I get there. My appointment is at 10 am.

Workouts have been progressing as planned. I have been hitting my 4 mile goal pretty consistently. One thing that I have found since I stopped running is that my appetite has gone down to much more "normal" proportions, at least as far as I am concerned. Initially, I was fairly certain it was just a post-surgery/on-meds things that was going on. But now, a month later, I realize that the change in my workouts has led to a change in diet and it feels good and comfortable. I am not worried at all about the eating less than I have been doing as the doctor has been very insistent that things are right on track for me, so I am starting to feel comfortable with the way things are progressing in that manner.

This week (starting Monday) I have gotten in 3-4 mile walks. I am at 12.14 miles so far. I will likely squeeze in a few "around the building" laps later on today as that seems to relax me when I am feeling stressed out about something. So by the end of the day I will probably be closer to thirteen for the week. I am feeling good about it, and I know that the walking cannot hurt me or Addie, unlike running at this point. I still have all of my post Addie running goals (and am thinking about adding "Run Like a Mother" to my amazon shopping cart!) but I am learning what I need to do right now, and doing it.

Runners - if you took an unexpected break - how did you find your appetite changing? Drastically, like mine? Not at all? Somewhere in the middle?


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