Hump Day Posting

Happy Hump Day Blog Land! I am honestly in disbelief (but pleased!) that it is already Wednesday. The first two days of the week have flown by and I have managed to get a lot of work done in these two days, and I would like to continue to move forward at that rate. I am working on today's to-do list, and coming up with things that will help me to stay on task for the remainder of the week and be on top of the work that I need to do. After all, I don't know at this point when I am going to be dropping everything to leave! Hopefully, not for a few more weeks (I told J last night that she still needs to keep cooking, after all), but still you never know!

I have been doing well keeping the activity level up recently. The Squat Challenge is going well. Today was Day 19 (obviously) and the challenge was 160 squats. I did them in 4 sets of 40 (unweighted other than the 20 lbs of baby/fluid!) with just 15 seconds of rest between sets. I did them over the couch to help with my balance, which is off because of the baby and to make sure that I was squatting deep enough (but not so deep that I would fall over or get stuck!) By the end of the month we will do 250 squats. I am hoping that helps the butt (which has been looking more preggo than my tummy with its sagginess lately!) not to mention help in labor and delivery!

I have also been walking, and trying to vary speeds on my treadmill to keep myself at least somewhat entertained. Yesterday I went home at lunch for 45 minutes and did this workout while watching Chopped.
Faster than a 15 minute mile! And that is something, I suppose, at least right now when running is out.

Also, it is technically the next round of Tina's Bootcamp, which I am signed up for, and I DO have the workouts for. However, my body will not allow participation at this juncture. So I am following along in the community and on Twitter and getting ready to jump in once my body allows it. And I have the workouts for the future and something to keep me on track when I need it again!
I tweeted this morning, the following:
And that is the truth. It is absolutely how I feel. I miss intensity of big heavy workouts and the soreness that follows. Right now I am just sore in the pelvic region from baby's or my ribs/lungs are sore from getting a swift kick! That is definitely different than what I am used to. But at the same time, my body told me what it needed to do for the remainder of pregnancy. Granted, it did it in a very startling way, but now I know. And next pregnancy? (If there is one) it could be different. We will see.

Have a lovely hump day.


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