Finally Friday & Weekend Goals

I am glad to be at the end of the work week. It has been a hectic one with a baby doc appointment, a follow up with my surgeon, a lunch with Karen, walking at lunch on 2 days, walking in general all 5 days, close (May month end) and, after today, 4 interviews for a temp to fill in for me while I am on maternity leave. I got my first physical therapy appointment scheduled (next Monday), my next follow up with my surgeon (next Tuesday), and I have moved into the "every other week" schedule at the OB. That is REALLY making me feel like we are getting to crunch time. The doc says once I start going every week (and have to get naked at every appointment to be checked) is when it will REALLY be crunch time. She said "once you are always getting naked, then you know it's almost time!" I really like her and hope she happens to be the one on call when it is time for Addie to be born!

I have been hard at work on my arm straightening elbow goal. It is definitely not going as well as I anticipated. I am a girl with a fairly high pain tolerance. If I want to do something, likely, I am going to do it, regardless of whether or not it hurts. So I have been working hard to let gravity do it's thing. During the day at work I work hard to drop my shoulders and pull it down when I am walking to the restroom or to refill my water. I carry my bottle (hanging) in my right hand to give gravity a little bit of extra help. When I am at home, I have been picking up my 3 lb weight (reserved for the first day or two of the Shred with JM because it is usually SO HARD those first 2 days, and then I can jump back up to the 5s) and letting it hang and even pushing a little bit to try and get it to go just a smidge straighter than the last time. I am truly not sure if I have made any progress. But I set a goal, and I am going to continue to work for it.

It addition, I am working on the bending part of the elbow. I am not working INTENTIONALLY toward this, like I am the straightening, but I want to be able to put a ponytail into my hair again without the help of my coworkers/husband/mom. So ponytail is the elbow bending goal. Right now I can touch the top of my head, but I cannot touch my face yet. I can hook my bra, but I have to grab that side with my left hand and stretch it out toward the middle of my back before I can get it with my right hand to hook it.

Teek and Zeus have a new friend (ok, annoyance) that has been making semi-regular appearances on our front porch. It makes them absolutely BONKERS and they go crazy on the back of the couch when she (just a guess) appears there. And she is NOT afraid of them being noisy and just relaxes. She might hang out for 15 minutes at a time occasionally, and that will really get them going. On my way out the other day, I caught her in the backyard, and decided to take a picture so J knew who he was looking for.
He knew that there was a cat, but there are a few neighborhood cats that we see around, so I wanted to show him which one was harassing our dogs (or at least, the dogs FEEL harassed. She isn't actually doing anything!)

So this weekend, J and I have several things planned and so there is a lot that I want to accomplish to feel like I am making progress as well (not just him, since I cannot do a lot of things between limited mobility and being pregnant). So my weekend goals are as follows:
  1. grocery shop based on the meal plan for next week
  2. get the pictures hung in the baby's room
  3. hang curtains in baby's room
  4. week backyard flower beds
  5. date night on Saturday
  6. start writing shower thank you notes (now that I can write again)
  7. straighten my arm all the way by Sunday night!
  8. walk at least once
 So it seems as though I might have a big weekend ahead of me, and I am ready to get on it. Is it 5 pm yet?


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