#DietToGo Meal Trials & Review

Yesterday was my 700th post on this blog, in case you were wondering. Maybe next spring sometime (when I hit 1000) I will go back and discuss my history with blogging, going back to the beginning. Because I was doing this for a VERY long time before I wrote anything with hopes of anyone reading or seeing it. In fact, the opposite was likely true.

But anyway...  that is not the topic for this morning!

Instead, we are going to talk Diet to Go again today!

As a Diet to Go Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to try a week's worth (well, 5 days) of meals at three meals a day! (Ambassadorship definitely has its perks sometimes.) Diet to Go has three options: traditional low-fat (which is what I selected), Low Carb, and Vegetarian. I was allowed to specify my options a little and I mentioned my shellfish allergy, so any meals that might contain shrimp (which I know is a food that lots enjoy during their diets!) were swapped out for other options!

I received the meals last Wednesday and they came in a big Styrofoam cooler which was shrink wrapped with a cardboard box on top (the box contained some details about the meals, as well as crackers, bars, and other sides that did not need to be refrigerated). The ice packs in the cooler did a wonderful job of keeping my meals frozen. They were delivered two days from when I was notified of their shipping, so the quick turn around was much appreciated as well! I was given the 1600 calorie plan (there is a also a 1200 calorie option, which I do not need with a baby coming!) and I am supplementing with snacks here and there.

I unpacked everything, reviewed the list of the foods that were shipped to me, and left a few meals in my fridge to defrost and eat right away. The rest were packed into the freezer for later consumption.

Breakfast on the first day after the meals arrival was a no brainer. The food that looked best to me out of ALL of meals I received was the blueberry stuffed pancakes with turkey sausage and veggies.
This was a SERIOUSLY delicious breakfast. If I could have it repeated for all 5, I would! Pancakes just make me happy when they appear in my life. So these were not your standard round pancakes with blueberries tossed into the batter like I might make at home (if blueberries would last long enough to get into pancakes!), but they were whole grain pancake rolls with blueberry FILLING. If I ate fruit pies, that is what I would imagine blueberry pie filling to taste like, but this was GOOD FOR ME! :)

That same day, I also packed a meal for lunch. I knew that J was going to want to try some of the meals, so I picked one that I knew he was not going to be interested in.
Sorry about the paper plate, but this was a work lunch! This is chicken with white sauce, veggies (in the little cup) and there was an apple to go with it as well (but I ate that earlier for a snack!) Since J does not enjoy Alfredo sauce, I knew this was a good one for me to eat myself. So it was little pizza dough bread, Alfredo sauce, cheese, chicken and red peppers heated up and melted. They were pretty tasty, and it was a well balanced meal!

Hubby tried one of the other melts himself.
This is the BBQ Chicken Melts with pineapple salsa. J put the salsa right on top of the melts for some added flavor and said that they were delicious and quite filling. He enjoyed them, and had lots of questions about the products and how the plan worked, etc.

For dinner one night when J was out, I tried one of the pasta meals.
Penne with ground turkey sauce, carrot coins, and some beans. This was a pretty good meal. I did pick around the mushrooms in the sauce, but I did try them before skipping, I figure I owed myself that! This was just the right portion of pasta for me. And lots of veggies on the side? Perfect for a girl who has been trying to up her veggie intake!

If you haven't gotten involved yet, there is still  time to get involved in Diet To Go's Summer Shape Up!
Check out their facebook giveaway here and you can see all of the terms and conditions here. You have until June 28th to enter!

If you are interested in trying out their meals for yourself, here is an offer I have been allowed to share with my readers:
This will help you to save $50 on your first week's worth of meals!

Have you tried DietToGo? What did you think? Are you interested in trying?

As a Diet to Go Ambassador I was given these meals free of charge, but all opinions above are my own, as always.


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