Catching up on my List & a Workout Dilemna!

Well, another weekend has come and gone and I am back in the office writing my first post of the week. I am trying to be more consistent with writing 6 days per week (so include one weekend post), and I have been doing pretty well with this (please take exception to the week I had surgery and felt like doing nothing!)

I usually am a diligent list keeper. And I prefer to write my list down (something infinitely more satisfying to me to cross something off on paper than to check it off on a phone app), but because I hadn't been able to write for a while, I had been using an app. This morning I got out "Emily's List Book v 2.0" for the first time since my surgery. It appears to have been just over 4 weeks since I got it out. Here is the most recent post in the book prior to today:
Look at that...  Butterfly 5K right there on the list. Grrr...  Stupid race.

It ended up being a pretty different weekend than that. We DID have dinner with Chuck and Sara (after I made Jason call them back to tell them I still wanted to go. He cancelled while I was getting x-rays, etc). We did have our Mother's Day Brunch with J's mom and sister (once again, after I insisted to everyone that I was well enough to go!) And I even got the "2 more miles" because I ran that prior to the 5K! Regardless...  it has been a month. I am proud of myself for the progress that I have managed to make. And we will see how things continue to go.

Yesterday I managed to talk myself off of the couch while J was golfing to get out and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. So no, not a particularly long workout, but I was moving none-the-less, and I hit my 20 mile weekly goal! Walking has been really boring, but I also know that is really all that I am capable of at the moment, and some days, I cannot even do that, so I am trying to maintain a positive attitude about it, and keep it up. I have been on top of the Squat Challenge though.
Yesterday was 100 squats, and I completed them after my little treadmill jaunt. The amount of squats we are doing is going to keep right on jumping as the month goes on, and I am going to finish this!

Let's look at my workout struggle for a second to I can say something that I realized yesterday. I have a prenatal yoga dvd that I bought in my first trimester. I laughed at the girl in the third trimester the first time I did it and all of the modifications that she needed to do. I assumed, while watching, that she probably COULD do some of the things that she was modifying, but for safety's sake, and not to risk anything, you make the modifications. There I was, 8 weeks pregnant with no weight gained, no changes to my body (other than no cycle!) and wondering why this was so boring! It was nothing like the flow style class that I enjoy.

Yesterday, when I was working on talking myself to the treadmill, I thought about that DVD (I seriously have done it ONE time. That's it. How lame of me!) and realized that I can't do it at all now! It has nothing to do with being in my third trimester and therefore needing to make a lot of modifications, but everything to do with my elbow. I cannot support myself right now. I cannot lean back to do the suggested kegels because my right arm with provide some body support. I cannot plank or anything like that because my right arm will not support me.

Today starts my physical therapy journey, so let's see what I can do!


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