Breakdowns - Elbow

Yesterday I had a very small breakdown. It was completely unrelated to the baby and 100% elbow related, and definitely workout related as far as my current limitations go. I saw a video of Erin Stern training shoulders and giving tips on how to build nice round shoulders and caps. I definitely was feeling a bit jealous of that kind of training, even though I know that I will likely never be shaped like her. I can still train like her. Right?

So yes, I absolutely was feeling sad and questioning the fact that I got hurt like that. I cannot likely lift a 10 lb weight, much less my usual 15-20 lbs (depending on the exercise!) My triceps are shot right now. Even just using a light band, doing a tricep pushdown is a little painful. My horseshoe muscle is gone. That is something that I was always proud of before. That goes back to competition training, the first time I worked out with Mike, my coach briefly. He pointed it out when I was doing tricep push downs all the way back then. I have made sure to keep my triceps working ever since then to make sure that the muscle kept sticking out!

So even though I cannot lift heavy right now like I enjoy or like I want to, and I cannot run, I am getting some workouts in so I can feel a little bit more comfortable.

walk 6272013
So this is the walk I went on at lunchtime yesterday. Not sure if you necessarily notice, since it is walking and nice and slow… but there are negative splits…  Do you see that? I know that seems silly, but at the same time, I have to look at it as a positive thing. It has to be seen as something that will help me to be more prepared for running and training when it comes time to get back to that.

But it did put the bug in my ear to make sure to say something to J that I want to be able to work out some kind of schedule so we can both get in our various gym time, and our workouts as we need or want. I am not yet sure how running a marathon is going to fit into my life. But I am going to figure that out. If it doesn’t happen this year, then I can wait until she gets older and is in school. The time will come.


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