Baby Progress and A Long Walk

Another lonely weekend with no J at home to keep me company. He is in Washington DC until Wednesday for work. This is his last work trip before Addie will be born! On Wednesday, it will also have been 3 weeks since my surgery. Wow, that time has flown! At the time of three weeks post surgery, J will have been gone for 10 of the 21 days. So for that much time, the dogs + me + only one arm will have gotten on ok alone. I guess it gives me a little more confidence for his future travels when there are two arms and 1 baby. Not that this is perfect practice, but it helps!

While he is out of town, I am hoping to get out of my splint/cast and at least have some  limited movement of my arm, as there are a few things in Addie's room that I would like to do and I might just need a second hand for stabilization. You know... to hold a screw in place as I drill it in with my left hand. I bought curtain rods this weekend, so I want to get those up and hang the valences, as well as hang some of the artwork to see where we stand on room decor.

I have been doing tons of baby laundry and clean up since the shower. I have two full loads of clothes and sheets that need homes (which we have homes, I just need to take the baskets upstairs!) and still more stuff to put away. I want to install a carseat base in my car and get it checked out at the fire department. So I plan to call them and see how that works. I also put this together all by myself (and 1 handed!)
It does not have a home in our house yet (it's hanging out on the living room floor!) but having it out might help Teek and Zeus get used to it? They haven't even attempted to rip the giraffe off of the swing yet, so I am hoping that is a good sign. Today, while I am at work, is the true test for Teek!

Yesterday my long walk friend and I went out for the first time in nearly 2 months! Admittedly, I was a bit nervous as it was the longest walk I have taken in quite awhile, I have definitely gotten bigger since the last time, it has gotten much warmer outside AND my arm is in a splint/cast/sling. But, it went really well, with us getting 7.36 miles at faster than a 15 minute/mile pace! I am really glad it went so well.

And then there is this photogenic guy...
Cuddling with momma's cast.


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