An Early Morning Indulgence

Baby shower number 2 is coming up this weekend! It will be on Sunday, and my mom is coming down to celebrate it with me. Even though my sister cannot come (sad face) I am still glad that my mommy will be here! She and I have some cooking to do to prep for the shower as well, so I am kind of looking forward to that. We are making a breakfast casserole (no recipe, I am just buying breakfast foods and we're going to wing it), and twisties as well. Pictures tomorrow morning when we actually MAKE these things, I hope. I have to remember to take pictures.

Today involves grocery shopping for the the things that I need for meals next week (I have them all planned out!) as well as the food that we need for the shower stuff. Basically, what happened was that I definitely felt bad asking my friends to pay for everything for a shower, so I decided that I was going to contribute as well. So I am bringing those two things, as well as plates, bowls, napkins, and flatware. I figure it is the least I can do as far as contributions, right? Anyone else do that for a bridal or baby shower that was for them?

Okay, I have an oatmeal LOVE. I could eat it every day. But I am watching Unwrapped (you know, that food network show hosted by Mark Summers?) and they just said that the Quaker factory is in Northwest Ohio. I AM FROM NORTHWEST OHIO. So I immediately got excited and was thinking, I am definitely interested in figuring out where this is, going there, eating all the oatmeals, etc. So I look it up. It is in NORTHEAST Ohio. So not the same place! It's in Akron. So it is not like I could never go there, but it certainly is not as convenient as swinging through the oats factory when I visit my family the next time. But maybe I can convince J that it is a great idea to go the next trip we take to Cleveland, since after all, soon Addie and I will BOTH love oats (J does not love oats, but he does love oatmeal cookies!)

I am getting ready to go for my walk today. I am struggling to decide if it is a better idea to walk outside where the boredom will not be so high, or inside where I can stop if I need to. I am leaning toward inside, but darn it, the treadmill is SO BORING. Haha. But for right now, I am just watching Saved by the Bell (it's on MTV2) and enjoying my nice simple morning... As long as I am walking by 8 am I figure I can consider this a win, right? It is 7:30 now.
 I got my real coffee pot out for the first time in a few years and made an entire pot. J's friend Jamie is here since they are having their 72 hole weekend and he is a coffee freak! So I figured since I had a little bit of coffee that I had purchased at a Farmer's Market and that is just not as easy to use in the Keurig, and I would drink a cup as well...  I might as well make a pot. I am using my Pebble Beach mug in honor of Jamie and J's golf game since the mug came from their trip out there last summer.

Have a lovely day everyone, and I hope to have a shower recap tomorrow!


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