Addie and I get Gifts!

I finally have pictures from my baby shower from this past weekend! I guess that means it is time to write about the shower and show some pictures.

My sister planned the majority of the shower and took care of invitations, finding a space to have it, getting a rider on homeowners insurance to have it there (a requirement from the Diocese of Toledo), and arranging for my Aunt's  and mom's friends to bring different dishes. I don't have any food pictures (other than cake), but I kind of wanted to go with a Frankenmuth theme and have some of the dishes that we typically get when we are up there. So there was Michigan cherry salad, German homemade noodles (topped with cracker crumbs), chick-fil-a nuggets, fruit salad, broccoli salad, deviled eggs, and mango dip with chips. I personally stuck with the basics, nuggets, noodles, cherry salad, fruit, and later, cake.
Baby booties and running shoes. And I seriously am starting to enjoy all the pink. My Aunt Teresa, who was in charge of the cake, was mad about the decorations looking not so hot, but the idea is there, and I like it.

As I have mentioned previously (or if you follow my boards on pinterest you definitely knew), I am OBSESSED with owls. However, even though I wanted to do owls in the nursery, I did not want to get stuck in a situation like my friend did with her first baby. His nursery - soon to be his little brothers nursery - was done in elephants. It was super cute. But after the shower, he had a very unexpected COLLECTION of elephants! I'm not sure that I want a collection of owls. However, there is one owl thing that I am IN LOVE with, and will have a place hanging on Addie's bedroom wall.
That's my sis (and my step-niece, Alyssa) holding up the owl quilt that my mom MADE for her first grandbaby! I just love it so much!

I had lots of help. My friend Christine's daughter Natalie helped me and my messed up elbow open gifts. It was definitely a huge help to me to have her there with me. I could count on her to pretty much handle presents so I could just focus on cards and do stuff one handed. Here she is helping me!
Thank goodness for Natalie. I almost wish that she was going to be down here for my next shower so I can have a hand, as well as have the attention off of me! But with my mom and sister both staying here for the shower, I won't have room in my house for more people!

And I received a very special hand-me-down gift from my cousin Shelley.

As you have seen previously, I love Snow White. I have a dress that I have worn on multiple Halloweens as an adult, as well as other occasions. This is my Snow White dress that my momma made for me for me that I wore for Halloween when I was 4 or 5. And now, someday, Addie will wear it too.


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