A Running Post from this (Non)Runner

As I continue to work on this blog and start to get more regular readers (YUS! and hi guys!) I really need to start doing better at planning posts. Sometimes I sit with this window open all day long trying to figure out what would be interesting, and what would I want to read about. I mean, yes, I write this for me, but if I am not interested in it, why would anyone else be?

I am not sure that I have the heart to reflect on National Running Day, since, for the second year in a row, I did not run on it. Last year I was suffering from post Pig burn out still (I ran consistently for the whole month of the race and then June suffered - you can see my post on National Running Day here). And this year...  well, you all know why I didn't run this year. But I did get in a 4 mile walk! And even though I didn't run yesterday, here is the little graphic:
And I will be back for you, running. That I can promise 100%!

Okay, I guess now that I have started, I am going to get on a running post. I miss it so much. So let's talk about my post baby running plans. Obviously, they are all tentative. I don't know yet how delivery is going to go or what kind of baby she is going to be, so jogging stroller running (no worries ya'll, we have the infant seat adapter for the BOB, so she will be safe in the jogger right away!) will be a question mark until she gets here. However, I have started to set some post baby running goals for myself, and I think it might be time to get them out here!

First up, late September. J and I will be running in the Hudy. It will be our third time running this particular race, and you can see my 2012 recap here and my what I ended up with after the 2011 race here. This year we both signed up for the 7K (rather than the 14 that we both ran last year and I ran in 2011). Not knowing where I will be by then (6-8 weeks post delivery, depending...) helped to convince me to stick with the shorter (4.3-ish mile) distance. However, then I plan on getting back on the running train in full swing as I am already registered for my post baby half!
The Indianapolis Monumental. I have a hotel room set up already as well, because I figured I wanted to have one close to the start/finish just in case, although in reality, I would not necessarily need one, as it is not too far from Cincinnati, it would just be an early morning drive! In reality, I WANT to PR this race. Badly. But at the same time, I am not sure how training is going to go, and so I cannot yet say for sure that I am training for a PR. Going 1:52:xx would be the PR goal. Under 2 hours would be the more "realistic" goal. But I am going to wait until the baby is here to really determine the plan.

And the BIG goal? It comes in 2014.
The Glass City Marathon. The full this time. And I REALLY want that sub-4 or BUST.

What do you think? Think I can pull of the big goals?


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