We're in Bloom!

I am not sure what the next three months or 13 weeks of pregnancy have in store for me as far as running and fitness. Although I did not meet my goal in Toledo, I still am to the point in my pregnancy where I told myself that I would not necessarily worried about running anymore. It is absolutely tough on my body because I can feel it in my left quad and IT band all the time these days. When I am actually running, that pain goes away. However, I am not sure what that means at this point. Obviously mileage is going down, but I am still hoping for 20 miles per week, even if I am just walking...

There is the azalea that I got for J when I was home in Toledo. We got it in the ground over the weekend, and look at how it is blooming now! We definitely picked a good one. J wants 2 more.

Yesterday was a successful day as far as workouts go, after I rested on Sunday. I slept in (lame) but did my workouts after getting home. I did workout A from week 6 (!!!) of the Best Body Bootcamp. It is hard to believe that we are already in week 6 of bootcamp. I feel like it has been no time at all, and I am super pleased with myself for continuing to keep up with it, despite the fact that I have had to make some modifications, particularly to the cardio/speedwork and the core stuff. Regardless, I know that I am getting the benefits of all of it.

I cooked dinner for J and I while J got in a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill. He didn't want to do it at all, but I am proud of him for doing just a little time. He had told me after our race on Friday night that he was going to train for the Hudy in September, and if it went well, he wanted to sign up for the Las Vegas half in November. I am trying to decide if I lay low and let him do his thing, or if I help him out by coming up with a training plan for him to follow! Any suggestions on this?

And just for cuteness sake:
Awe, cuddle muffins...


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