The Grumposaur

This week has started off pretty solidly in terms of me being as much of the "pre-injury" me as I can be at this point. On Monday, a holiday, J and I were already back in Cincinnati after spending Saturday night in Toledo. I had my first bridal shower over the weekend (recap to be written as soon as I get pictures from my mom!) and we decided to leave right after we were done cleaning up so we could sleep in on Monday. It was a wise decision.

I started my day by beginning to go through the loads of baby stuff we got. There wasn't anything in particular that we received that I felt needed to be returned, so I worked on opening packages, removing tags and hangers and getting a load of baby laundry ready to go. I do not typically wash my own new clothes, but Addie's things? They need washing. We did not have everything in the house yet, but I figured I could at least get done what was in the house so far.

After that, and after J's headache started to go away (I think he got too much sun playing golf in Toledo two days in a row), he headed out to take care of some yard work, and I decided to get a short walk in by walking over to the market to pick up some veggies to grill for our dinner. I got one onion, two ears of corn, one summer squash and three lemons (J requested Vitamix lemonade). After I got home, I did a little one-armed weeding and one armed sweeping. Let me tell you, that is NOT easy. That 1 mile walk plus a little bit of yard work was a good workout for the day. I have to be proud of anything that I make happen.

While doing that, I wore my new t-shirt that J brought me home from Vegas.
That pretty much describes me these days. :)

Yesterday was back to the Em-modified workouts. Walking only. I walked a little bit at work and another 3 miles on the treadmill after work for a total of 4.4 miles in 66 minutes. I have to take what I can get these days. Especially with everything going on with my arm and the inability to do anything with it these days. Walking is what I can do right now. So I will keep it up! I may not meet my 100 mile goal this month, which makes me sad, but I took DAYS off to deal with this injury and be operated on, so that makes a difference. I am still well on track for the year.

How do you handle setbacks to your routine?


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