Strolling by the Lake

Today all of my coworkers (well, not all, but 15 or so of them) are headed over to a bootcamp class at lunchtime. I got permission to go, but had to fight tooth and nail to get permission to go. It was clear that the trainer was uncomfortable with me doing his workouts even though I know what I can and cannot do, not to mention that I am experienced enough to know how (and when!) to modify moves for myself. I promise that I am not trying to toot my own horn too much, but it is true, I have been a pretty experienced gal when it comes to working out for a pretty long time.

Because of this niggling quad pain that I know I have mentioned, I decided to go a little easier on myself today and walk. Yesterday I ran 4 miles (painless during, painful when NOT running, weird, right?) at a pretty quick clip. I covered them in a 9:06 average pace! I have already run 2 days this week, and will likely run at least two more, so walking it was.

I went out at lunch and took my usual route, but since I wasn't going as fast, I decided to stop and look around a little more. I love running by the lake, but today I actually stopped to capture what I get to look at when I am lunchtime running.
Yes. That is the view that I enjoy a few days per week when I run at lunch. It is not a super big lake, but it is very close to work and it provides a pretty nice route to run when I am running at work.

Of course, this was the day that a coworker decided that he was going to go running. So he ran past me when I was out there walking, and wanted to know why I wasn't running. I told him that every now and then you need to get your workout in, but without the impact. Plus I ran on Monday and Tuesday and will likely be running Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well. I think walking seems perfectly reasonable. :)

Do you ever get non-run guilt from others?


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