Recovering and Progress

More than halfway through this week back at work. It has honestly flown by. I am grateful for that because it was something that I really needed to happen in order to mentally be able to get through the week. After Sunday's tough mental hit, I needed to be able to clear my head a little in order to move forward. I am definitely still in a bit of a state about it, but I managed to register for another race (Flying Pig 5K) for Saturday. And at least I have this guy with a nice haircut to smile at me and make me cheerful.
Did you think I was going to have a picture of J? Haha. Yeah right. :) He is saying "scratch my tummy, momma." He is momma's little pumpkin. I think he is going to love having Addie around in a few months. Someone else to love. Teek... not so sure about her, but Zeus will be thrilled.

J has been doing a TON of work on the nursery. He got an obscene amount done while I was gone last week. The furniture was delivered on Tuesday, and we hope to get it put together on Saturday, as well as get the things that are hanging out in our dining room that are baby things put away. Then I will send you all a REAL picture of what is done so far, but for now, you are just going to have to deal with the paint colors that we selected several weeks ago.
The majority of the room is the yellow color with just one wall in the pink. J got that done last week, since apparently preggo ladies are not supposed to paint (fumes). That makes me sad because I actually really enjoy painting (walls, not pictures) because I find it soothing. Pictures would not be a soothing painting experience for me, I think, since I have zero creative genes and I would likely just get stressed out about how terribly my picture was turning out.

Yesterday I did workout B of Best Body Bootcamp before work. It took about 25 minutes to get through the "push" workout that Tina had planned for us. Then I hopped on the treadmill and walked for a half hour. It was one of those "bad days" for running, and I was having some quad pain (no clue where that came from!) so I figured I would pay attention to it (for once) and just walk. I am hoping that my energy level picks up a little bit and I can run later though. I spent last night using my foam roller, the stick and even my moji massager (after I talked myself out of the e-stim machine even though it would be on my legs, not near the baby) to try and get the leg to feel better. I also spent a huge amount of time on my calves (and still woke up with a middle-of-the-night Charlie). Being pregnant is no joke!


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