Racing on Tap, AGAIN

So I am racing this weekend. Twice. One of the races I have been signed up for since they announced the race, and the other I signed up for on Tuesday, hoping for a little redemption from last weekend, even though this will be no where near the distance. Tonight, the hubs and I are BOTH racing the Little Kings 1 mile, to kick off Flying Pig weekend here in the 'nati.
It is also the second race in the beer series (remember when we ran the Bockfest 5K?) I am glad for J that it is a 1 mile this time, as he definitely has not been running at all. He often says, "I really should work out more". But then he works late and works at home and rarely has time for anything! Hopefully once they bring in someone to do his old job he won't have QUITE as much going on and can get back into it for the Hudy in September!

And being Flying Pig weekend, and that race having SUCH significance to me, I needed to be involved in the Pig.
So on Tuesday, I signed up for the 5K. I couldn't help myself. I know without a doubt I can run an entire 5K. There are no questions in my mind like there were before the half last week. Plus, with it being my first marathon one year ago, I really felt like I have to participate, and I hopefully will ALWAYS participate. Since we are the P&G town, there is a Pampers sponsored diaper dash that we might put Addie into next year (haven't told J this yet, but I am sure he has his suspicions that such things are coming!)

So yesterday, I headed out to try and get my run on, just so I felt great about my cardio for the day. I went after work. I made sure that my phone was charged (since I KNOW my garmin is NOT) got dressed and headed out. I wanted to go 4 miles, but I would be happy with three. That was what I told myself when I left my house.
4.4 miles later...  I was HOT. lol. I took a picture specifically of my bottoms BECAUSE I think that is going to become my summer running staple. It is an oiselle bum wrap. (their take on a running skirt) It still fits because it sits low on my hips, it has longer shorts underneath, which protects my thighs from the dreaded "chub rub" which is 1000x worse now that I have, apparently, extra flub on the inner thighs (have always had some, definitely worse now!)

And then I needed to rehydrate. I used a little of my fave...
Goodness, I love that stuff. I know that a lot of my fellow runners (at least those that I regularly train with around here) DO NOT, but I just think it is awesome. Watch out, flying pig expo, I will be buying MORE!:)

So I am feeling ready to race. Let's get this weekend on the road!


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