Post Surgery

Ahhhh... surgery is done. It was scary, but I am very proud of myself. I was not under at all, they just put a block in my shoulder. I could not feel a thing. For days (well, since Monday when we knew for sure that I was having surgery), Jason has been telling me that the pain block is exactly like an epidural! Apparently I needed to hear that from a doctor or something because today I shared that news with Jason, and he said, "I've been telling you that for days!" whoops.

The feelings are just starting to come back in my arm, and there is definitely a bit of pain with it! I took my first dosage of pain meds, and I am hoping that keeps things to a minimum. I plan on taking it every four hours as it says to, at least today, and potentially tomorrow, and then we can play it be ear! I have a feeling the surgical pain is definitely going to be much worse than the broken bone pain that I was dealing with before. It already is and I've had meds and am likely still numb!

I wrote all of the above yesterday. I am through the first 24 hours after surgery. Although I am still in a good amount of pain, I would think that the worst is over? I am definitely hopeful of that. So keep your fingers crossed that I am through the worst of the pain. I am not sure yet what my plan is for tomorrow. It definitely depends on how I sleep and how the pain is... if the pain needs my prescription, then I probably will not go in. Its probably not a great idea to go to work on pain meds (unless I can step back to Tylenol.

One thing I can say about having this surgery is that I bet the majority of pregnant women do not get to listen to their baby's heartbeat for 2+ hours before they get to deliver. And yesterday, that was something that I got to do. Yes, it was something to make sure that she is safe, but it still is pretty neat! I had two notable Braxton Hicks contractions while I was plugged into the machine. I am glad to know what the feeling is exactly! I think women often don't know what that really feels like and they just are hoping it will click when it happens, but now I know for sure!

I have spent three days writing this entry. It is now Friday. I started this entry shortly after my surgery back on Wednesday. But I think that a lot of that is due to the occasional falling asleep in the middle of typing. Hopefully today I manage to get it posted!

Those pictures are a progression of the swelling of my hand since surgery and through today. Yes, the swelling is nasty. And not comfortable. I have a call into my surgeon to make sure it's normal. It is just gross. But I still hope it is 100% normal. I don't want to go see him today! Especially since I have hardly gotten off the couch for two days!

So, sorry for the delay in updating!


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