Pillows, Swelling, and Working

A little swelling update... I have been texting with my friend Becky (a nurse) pretty much nonstop since my surgery got scheduled. Thank goodness for nurse friends! She suggested I unwrap the Ace bandage from my arm (underneath it is LOTS of cotton gauze and a fiberglass splint, so I shouldn't be able to hurt anything) and rewrap it including my hand. I have done that, and my arm is rewrapped. I am not sure if it has gone down, in all honesty, but I am feeling much better about it. I have been icing like crazy, and for a few minutes at a time, I rest with my elbow on a pillow and my hand straight up in the air. I cannot last in that position for very long, but I am hoping that a little bit of time, several times per day, will help.

I am back at work this morning. Monday is a good day to return, right? It is amazing how stuff piled up last week even though I technically worked for three out of five days! Regardless, I am here and I plan on hammering out my workday. So far, going well.

I took my pillow from the hospital. It has been my constant companion since last Wednesday. It is even with me at work right now. It is the right thickness to keep my arm propped up on, so I like it better than all other pillows at the moment. But, when I went to the bathroom yesterday, I came back to discover this:
And she was not budging. I should have known something was up when she didn't bulldog her way into the bathroom (she's a 2 year old in that way!).

After I got ready for bed, I decided to give up on my dirty mirror (1 armed Windexing in worthless!) and take a funny picture. Remember Rookie of the Year? (I loved ALL baseball movies.)
Here's the bump/dirty mirror version!
And that's a 29 week bump, everyone.

How was your weekend? Anything exciting?


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