Next Steps

Today when I got into work, I called the orthopedic doctor (as well as my OB/GYN to check in) right away, figuring I was going to be going into the doctor fairly early in the morning. Everything was cool with the OB, and they said as long as nothing changes, everything there is fine. They, of course, made a note on my chart since I did take the time to call and let them know what had happened. That again made me feel reassured that everything was fine with the baby and I don't have anything to worry about there.

The ortho managed to get me in for an appointment at 9:45 am, so lucky for me, I would not need to wait too long to discover my fate. And by "fate", I mean do I need surgery? Is getting casted up going to fix everything? (I already told J that I wanted a hot pink cast. His money was on surgery.) How long do I have to wear this stupid splint? It is not very comfortable, after all. Especially for sleeping!

I am truly of the belief that doctors come up with ways to specifically torture individuals based on the injury they are suffering from. In my case, I am right handed and splinted/slinged up with zero use of my right hand. So why not give me 6 pages of paperwork to fill out in the waiting room! No problem... So I am using my left hand trying to do this, and likely nearing tears in frustration. But I did manage to get everything filled out to the satisfaction of the ladies behind the desk (although not to my own!)

When I got back in to a room, they took my x-rays and unwrapped my arm. I had not seen it since Saturday so I was curious at how swollen it still was and if it had bruised up or not.
So, not bruised, but swollen as hell. I think it looks almost like a leg, not an arm. It is sitting in the splint, I didn't really touch it too much or anything because it made me nervous. It hurts much more today than it did over the weekend.

Shortly after, the doctor came into my room. He had already seen my x-rays, and let's be honest, I saw them, the break is pretty clear. He walks in and just says flat out, "we're going to need to do surgery on your elbow." Well, he greeted me first and shook my left hand. But immediately launched into my need for surgery. I guess I was prepared for it, mostly. But still, it is tough to come to terms with the fact that I need it. It is scheduled for Wednesday, first thing in the morning.
There it is all wrapped up before I put it back in the sling.

Now that I have been to EVERY doctor in my life today (the ortho surgeon, my pcp, and my ob), it needs to be clear... This did not happen because I was pregnant. It was completely an accident and could happen to anyone. The fall, that is... The break was truly a fluke, as it is very rare, I understand. So I am handling this.


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