Gaining Independence

J is still out of town as of this moment. He flies on the red eye back tonight/tomorrow morning and is planning on going into work tomorrow as well (because he is crazy?) So I will see him tomorrow evening. I am looking forward to it a lot. I am managing to get along pretty well on my own this week. It helps that I have not really put a lot of pressure on myself to cook meals and stuff. I am eating leftovers and easy thing (kraft mac and cheese with added spinach, french toast, etc). I have had someone at work help me with my hair if a ponytail is necessary (I can brush it lefthanded, but you need two hands to ponytail!), I have been wearing only sports bras (no clasps!), and I managed to get the garbage bag on and taped over my bandages/splints to shower on my own! I know I easily could get help or shower at work (as suggested by coworkers), but I like feeling independent!

I was playing candy crush in mt bed yesterday (instead of cleaning like I had planned to, whoops!), and looked down when I heard a whine. I was greeted with this site:
They are being good! Who knew? Teek can easily hop onto the bed (she is a crazy jumper!), but Zeus has no skills. It was Zeus who whined. I think it meant "Pick me up!"

I am REALLY missing running, but maybe that will help fuel my fire for training after the baby comes. Taking a break with be a good refresher after running nonstop for 2 years, right? But I did get out for 45 minutes to walk yesterday, and I was able to go more quickly than on Monday. Just slower than 15min/miles!
And I got back to the lake! Hooray! It feels good to be moving even if it is just walking. I guess this is going to be my main fitness for now, although I am hoping to get back to the gym for a little one-armed spinning and hopefully legs training (machines only since I lack an arm for dumbbell holding!) next week. That will help my mindset!

And now for something cute.
Yes, it is an awkward picture, but I am certain she is cuddling with her baby sis!


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