By the way, after posting such an embarrassing picture of my dirty mirror yesterday, I cleaned it. It was not easy since I did not have a second hand to hold the edge of the mirror to steady it. But it looks about a zillion times better than it did. Sorry, no clean mirror selfies as proof though!

Quick elbow update: 100% off ALL pain meds. I have not even taken a Tylenol in more than 24 hours. I am experiencing some discomfort here and there, but it is survivable, and I am dealing with it. The swelling is definitely down, finally. Probably not normal, but I will take no longer having the feeling of potentially having a hand explosion. While I know that won't happen, it's still a silly fear. Alot of the decrease probably has to do with all of this that I have been doing:
Elevating that hand! The ACE wrap is actually a little loose today and I want to rewrap it. I think I will. Much better now... it feels more secure. The hand is not perfect - I know for sure now that I have done a rewrap - but it is noticeably better than it was.

In other news, activity is happening again!
At lunch yesterday I got in just under 2 miles and walked for 30 minutes. It felt good to move my legs! Now, it is no running (gosh I miss running!) but it's better than nothing!


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