Elbow Update

My explanation of benefits from my surgery came through this weekend. I have a high deductible plan because it absolutely was the best option financially for J and I, even with me having the baby, we just knew I was going to hit my deductible. And now, with my surgery, I just hit it two months sooner than I would have. So the baby will be no cost to us, medically. Anyway, the total cost of having your elbow operated on in a hospital with no anesthesia and you get to go home the same day...? $26,681. Holy crap medical procedures are expensive! But it is good to know that I only pay a small amount of that, and now I am pretty much done with medical bills for the year!

Ahhh.... lessons in health insurance!

So how about I use this entry for an update on the elbow!

I have had my post op doctor's appointment now - well, the first one - last Thursday. I go back again one week from today. They unwrapped me, commented on how my incision is looking (very good! healing nicely!), and took some x-rays before bundling me back up. I learned about my incision and got to see it for the first time. It was covered in steri-strips, then some kind of medical/sports tape (almost like KT Tape), wrapped in cotton, and then set into the splint. There was blood through all of those layers on the splint. Gross, right?
That is an iPhone photo oh my xray pulled up on the computer screen at the doctor's office. As you can see, that is a decent sized plate attached to my elbow! I think it looks like a bug crawling in there because of the screws. I get to keep it unless it is bothering me at some point, in which case, they will take it back out. I have my fingers crossed for it not bothering me because I would rather not have surgery again.
There is my elbow unwrapped. I am pretty sure that writing is still there because I am wrapped up again and have not actually gotten a chance to wash it thoroughly yet. I am still showering with a garbage bag, etc. The orange is the stuff they use during surgery to keep things clean and sanitary.
The top shot is the elbow 2 days pre-op and the lower is 1 week and 1 day post op. Swelling is definitely going down which I am grateful for, but I just cannot wait to be out of the sling and splint!

I got a new splint and a new wrap, both smaller than the ones that I received in the hospital. So although I am still all wrapped up, everything is thinner and lighter than before.
Hopefully when I go back in a week I will be able to get out of the sling or at least the splint and start slowly working on regaining my mobility!


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