Differing workouts and a TEST!

So yesterday was another "take it easy on the ole IT band/quad" day. I managed to drag my rear end into the gym at 5 am, and worked hard to get some solid cardio in, even though running was out. Running is out by CHOICE right now (I am trying to remind myself of that, so I can get back at it soon). I decided to hop on a spin bike to start my cardio.

This is something that I had not noticed very often at my gym. We have a few spin bikes outside of the spin classroom that have screens attached to them so you can do a spin class solo. You just plug your headphones in, there is an instructor on the screen, and after picking the SORT of class you want, (endurance, intervals, hills, a mix) the time (if you want to) and some basic facts about yourself (gender, weight, resting heart rate if known) to help with your calorie burn, you are off! I selected "endurance" since I wasn't sure how my leg was going to handle being in and out of the saddle, so I just had a pretty flat ride. I definitely increased my resistance a lot to keep my cadence around where the program said it should be, and I ended up covered 10 miles in 26:06. Um... In case you were curious, that averages out to 23 mph. And that is NOT slow.

Maybe there is a secret triathlete in me that wants to get out? (I hope so!) Now I wonder if I can count that as "taking a Spin Class" for my 101 in 1001 list?

After the bike, I got on the treadmill just to walk and get my heart rate back down a little. It honestly was not too high (oh the differences between running and cycling!) but I had only been working out for about 25 minutes! So I walked on the TM for 20 minutes while watching sports center. When I left the gym, I felt like I had gotten in a solid cardio workout.

I made a decision yesterday. I received an email from active.com offering $20 off a $100 purchase + free shipping at Kelly's Running Warehouse. In addition, Kelly's Running Warehouse is on Ebates (<--- affiliate link!) at 3.5% cashback. I decided it was time to make a purchase that I had been putting off for a LONG time.
Trail shoes. Specifically, the Brooks Cascadia 7 (the 8s are out, so the 7s are cheap right now!). I have tried these on A LOT at my running store, race expos, etc, and LOVE the feel of them. I have been trail running MORE recently and definitely could use the additional grip! (I also got a pair of shorts to get me to the $100 needed.)

I want to get into trail running, potentially ultra running (ultra running after I nail a big road running goal, that is), and I am hoping that these will help motivate me further to get out there and get it done!

Yesterday also had something else going for it.
Yes, it had Pandemonium going for it, which I finished yesterday and I LOVED, but it also was something else. Anyone recognize that lovely little red bottle? Anyone know where I am with pregnancy? 27 weeks and 4 days yesterday, and took the glucose test before my appointment!
It was definitely not the WORST thing I have ever tasted, and to be honest, I am glad that I ended up with the "red" versus the "orange". It didn't really taste like fruit punch, but it wasn't horrendous. It mostly just made me feel nauseous when I was done. I have definitely consumed more sugar than that in a sitting (hello sour worms!) but maybe because there are other things in sour worms than sugar (little protein because of the gelatin, etc) those don't make me feel nauseous. I dunno. Regardless, I am glad it is done.

I will find out early next week if there were any problems with it and if I need to come in and take that LOVELY 3 hour test. I know a lot of people do, even if they have zero issues, so I am trying to mentally prepare. I hope to avoid it though.

If you are pregnant or have had a baby, what did you think of the sugar drink? Do you own trail specific shoes? Do you want to run an ultra?


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