Coping Alone

I have to admit, I have really missed working out over the last several days. I have not even gone for any walks! But the jostling of my arm is officially not worth it right now, so I will be waiting at least until the swelling is gone. It is uncomfortable to have the arm in a sling right now, because of the swelling. So I pretty much sit with my elbow to hand resting on a pillow, often with ice when I am not moving around. It's not perfect, but it does feel better. And the swelling is down a bit, so that is a plus! I even messed around with pillows and blankets to find a good sleeping position, although  I have been sleeping on the couch.

J left this morning for a work trip to Las Vegas. My dad is coming down to stay with me for the weekend, to make sure I am ok. I am sure everything will be fine, but it will be nice to have someone around just in case! Starting Monday though, I am going to be making it work on my own. I am absolutely capable of taking care of myself, but having two more days of reassurance cannot hurt.

Admittedly, and yes this is gross, yesterday was the first time since surgery that I changed clothes and showered. It was pretty awesome! I feel like 1,000x better after that. I put pajamas on last night, and I am going to put on clean clothes today. It is amazing what little things excite you! Maybe the luxuries of getting dressed and showering are preparing me for motherhood. Any moms have opinions to offer on that?

Trying to figure out what I should ask my dad to help with while he is here. I am leaning toward grocery shopping!


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