Work Differences/Serenity

Yesterday was a change of pace in the workplace, but not in my regular life. It was Wednesday, which means a workout double, which means I need to get up in the morning to get my strength workout in. So I set the alarm for 4:35 am, and fell asleep very quickly after going to bed on Tuesday night. J had the TV on (he was watching wrestling, and I was half watching), but that did not prevent me from crashing. This growing a baby stuff is no joke! It is hard work!

I got up when my alarm went off (after some waking puppy kisses from Teek. I think she "gets" alarm clocks) got dressed (PS - LOVING Old Navy Active Maternity tops. I have two, a gift from a friend, and I like them because I actually feel like I look pregnant, instead of in my own tops where I just feel chubby) and headed to the gym. I had Best Body Bootcamp workout B on plan for the day, which was a full body routine.

I hopped on the treadmill first and warmed up for 20 minutes before gathering the equipment that I wanted and settled into a spot in the gym with my mat and hand weights (8 lbs and 12 lbs). I used the 12s for almost everything, and this workout really worked my legs HARD. I know that for sure. I could definitely feel it when I got up for my usual 2 am potty break last night! Someone told me this morning that I was starting to get a little preggo waddle, and I responded that yes, maybe a little, but it is more likely the sore hamstring waddle!

Work was different because instead of driving the 2 miles to my office in Blue Ash (where I live) I drove downtown. I used to work downtown, so it wasn't something completely unfamiliar, but it is something that I almost never do anymore! I had a training seminar at the Queen City Club, put on by my former Big 4 employer. It was a great time, because although we all look like we are networking (my current employer is a client of the former employer), but really I am just catching up with all of my old friends. The people I spent the most time with, fresh out of grad school. It was lots of fun!

I had to try and make myself look presentable for this event, since I normally only wear jeans and tees to work. While I probably COULD wear that to the event, I felt guilty wearing it to the club. So I went with the pregnant woman's best friend. Leggings. :) I work leggings and a high waisted LONG tunic top. It was jersey so it was a little nicer looking than a tee shirt, and it was black and white print with my black leggings. It actually looked pretty good, if I do say so myself, and I have yet again avoided buying maternity dress pants (I avoid the rubber band trick because it gives me a rash on my tummy!)

I am still struggling with the aftermath of Monday. As I am sure lots of folks are struggling the same, or even more than I am.

With everything else going on right now for people, for me, for runners... I am trying to remember the calm.
We all could use a little serenity, right?


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