Weekly Workout Recap: March 24

This week seemed to have a whole lot less of this:
And a whole lot more of this:
This girl is NOT a fan, by the way. It is discouraging to me to know that I am not skipping runs because baby has decided I have run enough and she is sick of being bounced all over the place, but because I need to skip them so I don't end up any worse.

Here is my Daily Mile graph for the week.
So yes, this does show 40 miles covered and more than 9 hours of workouts. Here is the breakdown:

Monday: 3.13 miles, 20 minutes of strength training, and 10 minutes of foam rolling.
Tuesday: 6 miles run at a 9:37 pace, and then 4 miles walked later while watching Long Island Medium
Wednesday: 3.3 miles
Thursday: 1 mile walk, 4 miles run
Friday: 3 miles run. 2.14 miles walked
Saturday: 2.5 miles run (PAIN!), 7.86 miles walked
Sunday: 3 miles run

Totals: 1 strength workout
24.93 miles run
15 miles walked

Not the greatest week that I have ever had by a long shot, but it was decent for sure, and gave me a different - maybe more pregnant? - sort of week.


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