Weekly Workout Recap: April 8

Another week of Best Body Bootcamp has come and gone. Last week, we finished up Phase 1. I must say I am feeling like this has been a really solid program for me to keep up during my pregnancy, although every now and again I do make some adjustments.
I am pretty glad that Karen is involved in it as well, we are definitely talking about it on a daily basis, telling each other what we thought was the hardest move of the day, etc.

So here were the week's workouts:
Monday: 4.42 miles run - 10 minute warm up, 20 minutes steady state, 10 minute cool down
Best Body Bootcamp - 30 minutes, Workout A
Tuesday: Best Body Bootcamp Cardio A - 3.36 miles
20 minute walk (1.34 miles)
Wednesday: 4.13 mile run - easy pace
1/2 mile walk
Best Body Bootcamp, 30 minutes, Workout B
Thursday: 1 mile walk
3.39 miles - Cardio B Best Body Bootcamp
Friday: REST DAY
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: 7.25 mile walk

33.39 miles (run and walk)
2 strength workouts
1 FULL rest day (first in a LONG time)

After yesterday's walk with LB, I had to do a little recovery.
A little purple pro compression action. I slept in them.

How were your workouts last week?


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