Vacation Week - Catch Up Post

Now that I have filled you all in on the end of the week that I disappeared from the blogosphere, I suppose it might be advantageous to fill you in on some of the other, more FUN goings on of the week. I promise, my week was not so depressing as my race recap, and I DID make the front page of the Sports section of the newspaper in Toledo.
Like my pink hat and how I am repping Buckeye Running? I guess this means I am glad that I started the race. (FYI - this is not from the Blade's website, this is an iphone photo OF the paper that my cousin Jen took).

I stayed in Cincinnati for the majority of the weekend of the 20th. I didn't leave till the 21st (my brother Matt's birthday!) Before I left, we managed to get a picture of the dogs together that might work for Christmas!
They MIGHT be staring at a cookie. But hey, whatever works! Also, they REALLY needed haircuts.

When I got home on Sunday evening, I stopped to pick up $5 Little Caesars for Grandma and I. I text my mom (who was still at work) to let her know that I was doing that, in case she was going to be hungry when she got home from work (she got off at 8 pm). I enjoyed my planned cheater meal a ton, and ate plain cheese pizza and crazy bread which was just awesome.

Monday was the first official day of my vacation. My mom was actually off work that day, so I was looking forward to spending time with her. I did my #Bestbodybootcamp workout in the morning and then I took my first ever trip to Costco! I know, I know... how is this possible? Well, J and I belong to Sam's Club, so I have just never been there. Although after this experience, we might consider switching. I <3 Costco now. While we were there, I got J a little present.
He is obsessed with these because of Augusta National (where the Masters is held!) and after talking to my mom about how easy of plants they are to care for, I decided I should spend the $20 and get him one! He is excited about it. We picked one that looked great, and the price on it was amazing. We checked at a garden center later in the week and for one the same size it was $40 and it did not look as healthy! (Costco for the win!)

The rest of Monday was a regular day with a birthday celebration for Matt in the evening. My mom and Aunt Teresa cooked up some steaks and Aunt Teresa made a salted caramel cheesecake (which was AMAZING). I went for a short run (3 miles) in the afternoon to stretch out my legs. It felt pretty good and I knew it was taper week! I headed to my dad's late Monday night with Zeus, because he was going to be staying there on Tuesday when my mom, sister, and I went to Frankenmuth!

Tuesday morning started VERY early. I had made arrangements with Rachel to go to the gym with her. I was planning on 100% following her workout. She picked me up at quarter to 6 (after I had taken care of Zeus) and off we went. Rachel works out at Super Fitness because she works for the county and they have arrangements with that gym. I think she pays around $6/month (!!!) to go there. It is a pretty nice gym with all the equipment you might want/need, a pool, a ladies only area, and classes! So for $6 it is absolutely well worth it. Rachel's workout consists of 20 minutes of cardio (she prefers the Arc Trainer for a good workout and no impact due to the lingering issues with her back and feet from the accident), 20 minutes of abs (I did my standing work that Leah taught me), and 20 minutes of OTHER strength. Tuesday was back & biceps.

We had a SOLID workout and then headed to Starbucks/Barry's Bagels to pick up some sustenance for the 2 hour drive up to Frankenmuth. I went into Barry's and got three vanilla cinnamon bagels plan (mom, Grandma Kate, Rachie) and one blueberry with cream cheese (Addie still LOVES bagels with cream cheese!). Grandma was not going on the trip with us, but no reason she shouldn't have a bagel! Rachel took care of the starbucks run and got me my tall Pike (black) and some skinny lattes for herself and my mom.

Here are two Frankenmuth pics:

After we got home on Tuesday night, I headed over to my dad's again. Zeus was there after all.
There he is hanging out on my dad's deck. He sent that picture to me on Tuesday afternoon. He had travelled to Columbus that morning, so he was able to be off/work from home in the afternoon! I planned to hang out at my dad's again that night. We were going to Jed's (my fave Toledo bar) to grab a quick bite for dinner as well. Yummo!

Wednesday was a little more of the same. Workout with Rachel in the morning, back to dad's to shower, off to mom's, lunch with a Toledo friend, a few Toledo-like errands, more hanging out with Grandma Kate. It was a pretty straightforward day, and I enjoyed it.

Thursday was another day of working out with Rachel. Then I met an old friend for breakfast at one of my favorite Toledo spots.
If you have been to one of these, it is likely a relative, but the original is in my hometown of Toledo Ohio (my high school friends were all waitresses there on weekend mornings!)
The big event Thursday was dinner with all of my siblings at my dad's house. My dad was cooking dinner, and I was making some desserts. I couldn't decide what to make, so I made two things. A yellow cake with chocolate icing, and m&m cookie ice cream sandwiches. Both were a hit, and I managed to frost the cake better than I have ever frosted a cake previously, so I was proud of that. I actually waited until the cake was COMPLETELY cool before I frosted it, which basically made the cake frost easily. Who knew? (ok, I knew, but I have never had the patience to wait for it to be completely cool before. Watching an episode of Shameless with my dad was just the ticket!)

Friday I slept in, and honestly slept most of the day. We went to the Tigers game that night though, and got to see Anibal Sanchez pitch for a franchise record (not to mention a 10-0 Tigers win over ATL!)

Other than the STING of the race, it was a KILLER week.


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