The countdown, Dog Reactions, and a quick run.

So this morning after eating my oatmeal, I asked Teek if she was excited to get a baby sister in a few months (like 4!)
I cannot say that she looks particularly tickled for the opportunity to play big sister again. She is probably like "I already have a little brother, and he is SUPER annoying." Oh well. She will always be our first baby and we will love her. She has to remember that.

Regardless, here is where we are as of now in the pregnancy:
That is from the countdown app on my phone taken around 6:30 this morning. I have it set for midnight on my due date. So yes, 123 days-ish to go. I remember when I was to this point for my wedding (two years ago) and I slowly started to freak out. Haha. I am not quite as on top of things with this as I was with that, but I am hopeful that the big things that we have done (daycare, one registry, hospital check in, name) will help me get through the other things that we still need to accomplish. And there are a lot.

That enough on pregnancy for this entry. Soon enough I am going to have to cover this blog with pictures of baby Addison Rose (yep! we named her!) so you will get plenty then.

Yesterday was Day 2 of #bestbodybootcamp and we had cardio on the agenda. Tina had planned out intervals for her participants to be done in a manner of your choice. I choose running. Shocker, right? I did my intervals after work on the treadmill while America's Next Top Model was on Oxygen. That is my biggest (well, probably second biggest after Teen Mom) guilty pleasure show. I did my intervals and then cooled down for 5 minutes, giving me 30 total minutes on the tread. It was a good run, and no shin pain! woo hoo! I am trying to wear compression and ice regularly to keep the pain away. So far, so good.

Are you doing Tina's bootcamp? How is it going?


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