At just before 3 pm yesterday, my life and the lives of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of runners had their lives changed as well. I am not that fast of a runner. I am still a relatively new runner (with one marathon, one DNF marathon, and 6-7 half marathons under my belt).

I am not going to  include any images in this post, but I thought about it. I do not have any of my own to share, as I was here, in Ohio, as usual, and I just don't want to take away from the seriousness of the event by sharing the images that we have been overwhelmed with on the television for the last 17 hours or so.

I started the day yesterday as normal. I got up and got in a Monday morning strength workout via the Best Body Bootcamp. I set my DVR up at home to record the NBC Universal coverage of the Boston Marathon. I planned to stream it at work as well, but just in case there was something different (or I got called into a meeting) I wanted to have the coverage at home so I could watch it! I have been following Kara Goucher religiously on all forms of social media (including through her husband's "Run the Edge" site) for more than 2 years now, so making sure I got to see if she got some Boston redemption was at the top of my list for the day!

With it also being tax day, I had a special bit of love in my heart that tax day was falling on marathon Monday. I don't necessarily miss the days of taxes full time, but at the same time, I have so many memories from that day and the stress that it caused me. Not unlike how runners feel lining up at the start yesterday morning.

I watched all of the elite coverage. I didn't leave my desk chair, despite needing to use the facilities, until noon. I wanted to see the American's finish so much. I was disappointed with Shalene and Kara not getting into the top 3, but if they were pleased with their performances, I am too. It was an exciting race to watch and I loved all of it. No, I do not find myself bored watching more than 2 hours of people running. I enjoy every last second of it. I saw Jason Hartmann finish with his second number 4 in as many years. I watched Ana Dulce Felix of Portugal fall off pace after holding the lead solo for so long (and I REALLY enjoyed watching her, even more than the American's because she is built like me! Thin, but no visible abs, probably needs body glide from the strong thighs, etc! It made me feel proud!)

At quarter to 3, I needed a break. I needed so fresh air. My head was hurting from the work I was doing and sitting in front of my computer, so I went outside to just sit for a minute. There are concrete ledges outside the building, so I sat on one of those and started reading through my twitter feed on my phone. That is where I got the news. I read the articles that were attached. I clicked on the live camera from CNN. I teared up IMMEDIATELY.

When I came back into the office, I pulled up multiple feeds. One was just a live camera at the finish. The other was the news feed from a CBS affiliate out of Boston, so I could hear what was being said. I watched the rest of the afternoon. I did no more work. For the rest of the day. I couldn't really talk about it. I stopped responding to emails and texts and IMs. When I left the office at 5 after 5, I turned my car radio to the AM station to make sure I did not miss a minute of coverage when I was driving home. I watched MSNBC while I ran for 30 minutes.

It has taken over my life.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is affected by this tragedy, even if it is simply in the same way as I - a runner. One with big dreams. Dedicate your miles today to Boston.


  1. I'm with you Em. I'm devistated, My heart reals for the runners, their families, the spectators and everyone involved. My heart breaks for all of us runners. It's hard to put into words how I feel about it.


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