Prepping for Summer!

Yesterday was a long day. I am not entirely sure what made the day so long or complicated, but I spent the majority of it feeling rather stressed out. I am not sure why exactly there was so much stress over the last day or so, but I think the majority of it is just exhaustion.

I am taking a complete rest day today. Yes, technically I have a BBB workout to do, but I have not had a rest day in a VERY long time (probably since February) and I just need one. I may (or may not!) do the strength workout tomorrow, we will have to see how I am feeling when the time comes. But for right now, I am just allowing myself today.

I am working hard to try and get excited for the summer, even though I am likely going to be huge, hot and uncomfortable. So today I threw together this summer bucket list. They are basically things that I want to do this summer, hopefully before the baby arrives! If not then, by September. :)
I think all of these things are do-able. I am not necessarily sure when we will get them all accomplished, but I will be pleased to get them done.

Anything special on your summer list?


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