Pregnancy Update - People are Noticing!

We have had a great Saturday for far. But this entry is supposed to be about yesterday.

I made it to the gym at about 4:45 am to get in my Best Body Bootcamp upper body workout (FYI - I am absolutely feeling it this morning). Because us 5 am folks are typically the same crew, I pretty much know everyone, and they know me. We are a 5 am workout team! So there is one guy that I lift side by side with on days when I am lifting. He runs as well, but a half marathon is his limit (learned this last year when I was Pig training).

So yesterday, after I finished my 25 minute treadmill warm up, we are both over working out with the free weights. He asks "How's running going?" I responded with, "It's slowing down", and unconsciously touched my bump. His eyes followed my hand and he said, "oh thank goodness. I wanted to ask you, but I didn't want to make a mistake. When are you due?' I chuckled a little, and we talked about it a bit.

I guess I am finally beginning to look like I am actually pregnant. I have gained 10 lbs, almost exactly at 25 weeks. My doc thinks I am right on track. I usually weigh myself and go with the weight on my scale, weighed naked, first thing in the morning. It gives me a more accurate picture, as that is how I have always weighed myself, even when competition training. I am doing ok with seeing the number go up because I am finally to terms with what it is that I am doing. I am growing a little girl, Addison Rose, and she needs to be healthy when she arrives!

I am still struggling with some of the other aspects, but I am getting more comfortable as time goes on. It does make me smile when I can feel her moving, which is less often than the normal folks because I have an anterior placenta, so it is usually on the side, so she needs to be in the right place. But when I do, its awesome, the dogs also enjoy feeling it, I think. They notice when we are cuddling. :) Silly puppies. Teek still isn't sure how to react when J asks her, "Teek, where's your baby sister?"

My work day was mostly shot, in all honesty. I got everything done that I needed to, but I was sucked into the news, as I am 99% sure most of you were as well!

I am glad that everyone in Boston will be able to rest easier tonight. Will it be perfect? I doubt it. But it will be better... 

Still praying...


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