Outdoors, Finally

It seems as though we might have finally reached spring here in Ohio. Now I just am hoping that it STAYS this way instead of getting cold again. We have had the occasional day in the 50-60s, but then it just gets cold again! Fingers crossed.

Despite my trouble with my bladder while running, I decided to give outdoor running a go at lunchtime on Friday, to do my Interval workout for the best body bootcamp!
The pure flows got another workout, and they feel awesome. I am thinking that J might be right, and my whole shin thing is actually because of so much treadmill running. He thinks I might change my form a little bit on the treadmill, which is causing some pain. And now that I have had a perfectly pain free outdoor run, I am starting to believe he might be correct! I guess that means I am glad that it is spring, and hopefully I will get MORE outdoor runs. I just need to plan them around a gas station or grocery store or even my house! So I think I might just do 4 mile laps as a general rule.

Saturday morning normally means a long run, except last week, when my shins were killing me. I still went for a long walk. This week, I have decided to wait a little. We'll see how things are going and feeling once J leaves to go play golf. Maybe then I will head out for a few miles. I am trying not to pressure myself about it too much, but at the same time, I am supposed to be running a half marathon in three weeks! But sleeping on my side is getting uncomfortable to me (I am REALLY missing back sleeping!) and I wake up with hip pain from sleeping on them.

Any other women who have been pregnant have advice relating to side sleeping? I DO have a body pillow, but it is not helping too much with my hip issues. And that is definitely causing some running issues!


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