March Goals Review

We have reached the end of another month. It is hard to believe that we are a quarter of the way through the year already. So now it is time to review my 2013 Goals and where I am with them so far!

1. Races - at the end of February, I had run 2 of my 12 (or 13, depending on which goals you are thinking about) races for the year. March was a big month for racing!

I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 10K
I ran the #race2remember 10K
I ran the #race2remember 5K
I ran the Heart Mini 15K
I ran the Heart Mini 5K

Yes, that is 5 more races this year, putting me at 7/12 (or 13). I have a big one planned for April (the Glass City Half Marathon) and that might just be the last one before the baby! It is definitely the last one that will be longer than a 10K before the baby.

2. This month I made some crock pot barbacoa, which we served as tacos. On Easter, we ate the leftovers as nachos, and they were quite yummy. I also made sweet potato gnocchi from scratch one night.
They were delicious, even if they were not the prettiest things to look at! So I reached my 10/10 goal for new recipes in MARCH, and have even gone over it! I plan to continue cooking and trying new things, but it is pretty exciting to know that one of my goals is already completely checked off!

3. Login streak going strong. I am at 184 days currently.

4. In March, I did 36 workouts. Because the #runeveryday challenge was going on, I had zero rest days, and I had several more 2-a-days. I am at 91 workouts on the year so far. I need to complete 122 more workouts this year to reach my 213 workouts for the year.

5. Not yet! I am definitely still class-shy at the gym. I definitely need to get over that. I am sure that I can get Leah do one with me. She loves classes at the gym!

6. I ran/walked 171.38 miles in March.
That was definitely the highest I have had in a very long time. I have run 421.65 miles so far this year. I have had a good amount of success meeting my 100 mile/month goal. Obviously. :) I have 778.35 miles to reach my 2013 goal. If I can keep it up, even on my January mileage amount (116) I will definitely reach my goals for the year, but I have no idea how they will stay together when the baby comes or when I get huge! Haha.

How are you doing on your 2013 goals?


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