I'm Going to Bootcamp!

So Monday started Round 5 of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp. This is the second time I have attended, and the first time since all the way back in the fall, when it was just Round 2, and I was trying to marathon train.
So I am curious if I get lots more out of it this time, that I am not trying to combine it with marathon training. I loved the strength workouts last time, and I am definitely very excited about getting them again this time around, obviously, but I am hoping to even follow the cardio plan this time, since I am not trying to run a million miles per week (just 20!). So I figure I will just run the intervals (and other cardio) that is included in the plan! That way I can still rack up some mileage, but feel better about getting my moneys worth out of bootcamp!

So yesterday's workout was the first strength workout of the plan. It was some full body supersets. My shoulders were BURNING by the end. I know that I am going to feel it tomorrow, which I love! Prior to my strength workout, I warmed up on the treadmill for 20 minutes. It was not really my "cardio" it was just necessary because I have been slacking so much at lifting lately that I needed a warm up!

The cardio on the plan for the day was simply 20 minutes of steady state, and naturally, I ran. :)
Look at that baby making herself seen over my Brooks! By the way, this was the first run in the Pure Flow2s, and I have to say I like how they feel!

I am starting to wonder if the shin pain is less about my shins and more about the fact that I am up 8-10 lbs from my normal weight. Anyone else have any experience in this matter? Regardless, I am going to keep with the icing and keep with the running in good shoes. I've got this, right? I plan to keep telling myself that, at least through the Toledo Half. I need that race. Especially since it is going to be the last big one pre-baby.


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