Glass City Half Marathon: Race Recap

Yesterday was the Glass City Half Marathon. If you remember from last year, this was my first sub-2 half (and my second half EVER!) and it is in my hometown, so there are SEVERAL awesome memories of this race. :) It is also the planned race for my big 26.2 redemption run post-baby and as a way of getting back what I lost due to injury in Columbus.

I hesitated running because of the weather being so nasty. I know you don't get "sick" from rain, but being frozen while pregnant is likely not ideal. So my mindset was bad. My dad was in agreement with me, encouraging me to come over and eat pancakes. Um. I love pancakes. He was using the "you have to think of Addie" logic. This logic works MUCH better on me when I am in a fragile mindset.
Then I thought the race was at 7:30. It was at 7. I got to the start AFTER the national anthem, so WAY late. Within a minute of the horn blowing. Whoops. Not the greatest of all ways to mentally prepare for a race that you are afraid you might not be prepared for...
But I know how mad I am going to be at myself if I don't do this race. It's been the goal (the ONLY goal) since I got pregnant. So I run. I actually feel ok running out of UT's campus (and up the only hill on the entire course). My quads are on fire, but that is unfortunately a sensation I have gotten used to. They usually start to feel better once I am warm, around mile 3.
We entered old orchard. the only neighborhood my dad would have considered moving to if we moved out of the house I grew up in (while there will still kids in the house. now he would move to lots of different places). Ran past my high school friend Sasha's house (well, her folks house). She, her sister, and she son Liam (he's 2) were outside so I waved and yelled their names! They yelled back.
I was around 10 min/miles. And although the competitive Emily is stinging by that a little bit, the more logical Emily is fine with it. I begin contemplating if I should take a walk/run strategy from the beginning. Run 10/walk 2, or something along those lines. But I don't have too much time to think about it. At 1.2 miles my calves clenched up TIGHT! They were a little tight going in because they have been cramping consistently overnight, even though I have been stretching and rolling like its my job (hoping that will heal it!) I slowed to a walk.
Eventually they loosened up a little bit. So I started jogging again. I had only been walking for about 2 minutes and was pretty near the 2:15 pace group, which I honestly felt was doable for me, even in my current state. So I started inserting myself in that group of people. I stuck with them for the next two miles. We had entered Ottawa Hills (Toledo's version of Indian hill, to give you some perspective). I loved this part of the course last year. Its the neighborhood before you get to Wildwood (the park) before you hit the bike trail to head for home (a LARGE portion of the course is on a bike trail, but you still get TONS of spectators, it seemed!) Plus all of the homes are huge and beautiful. So it is fun to look around, and everyone that lives there is mega supportive. Some set up their own aid stations with gatorade and oranges, etc.
And then... 3 miles in... CRAMP CITY. Calves again. I almost fell over it hit so hard. I stopped. Walking was NOT an option. I went to the curb and started trying to stretch. Tears were coming on because it hurt so much. I was unable to walk it hurt so badly. A few of my friends ran by and asked if I was ok. Through tears I respond "yes" because they are still running their races, and I don't want to make them slow down, you know?
Eventually I just hit the ground in someone's yard. It's been close to 10 minutes. I get picked up by a golf cart who convinces me that since it has been ten minutes and my calves are still so cramped I can hardly stand, and cannot flex my foot, that I better just get in the cart. He drives me back to UT. Someone in the med tent gets me water (in case it is a hydration issue, which I know its not, its just a pregnancy thing) and massages out the cramps. They are still tight, but at least I can walk. My day was over.

And I was DOWN. I cried my entire drive home. I cried for hours and hours afterward. I was so upset with myself as this was the only pregnancy running goal that I had set for myself. I just wanted to FINISH.THIS. RACE. And I feel like I failed.

All - yes, I realize I am 26 weeks pregnant and I shouldn't be so hard on myself, blah blah blah. Please. I do not want to hear it right now.


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