Football, Shopping, and Sundays

I did my very best to get through all of the things that I wanted to get through on Saturday. Things have been hectic and busy around our house, because J has been so busy with work. I am ready for him to be less busy than he is now. It does make me a little bit nervous for when Addie comes. But other couples do it, right? When one or the other is super busy and they still get by and have kids and lives and stuff, right? Right? Please do not disappoint me by telling me I am dreaming.

Saturday morning started out like I like a Saturday to start. I got up with my dogs and took them out while I made a cup of coffee in the Keurig and a peanut butter sandwich. I was definitely dawdling a little bit to get started on my run. I just was not feeling the run. But around 7:30 I went upstairs to get dressed for my run so I could get the show on the road. But I skipped the road and went for the treadmill. The dogs and I headed for the basement. I turned on the episode of Mad Men that I recorded last Sunday night, and got to running.

What I have learned about me as a pregnant runner... it takes me 3 miles to feel warm enough that I don't hate myself for trying to run. It also takes about that long for my bladder to completely be empty (and around 3 potty breaks). After that, I can run. I did 8 miles at a 9:37 pace. I guess I need to be proud of that. It is definitely the furthest I have gone in weeks, so I need to take some pride in that. I have 2 more weeks until the glass city half, and then I can make some decisions about running (or not) for the remainder of the pregnancy.

After my run and a nice hot shower, our friend Bryan came over so we could head downtown. We had tickets to go to the Ohio State spring game, which was being played at the Bengals stadium.

It was a very nice afternoon, and I am glad that we went. It is always tricky right now for me in events like that, and with it being baseball season there is more to come. The boys enjoyed lots of draft beer and I was absolutely jealous. But I am doing the right thing, obviously. And it is not that I need the beer anyway. :)

I had a wonderful day with my husband yesterday, and I am so glad that we had it. We had fun at the game, we had a nice meal out, we watched a movie as we fell asleep. We watched Ted, which was pretty funny. I am not sure how much of it Jason actually saw, because he fell asleep, but I thought it was a very funny movie. Although I thought it was less raunchy than I expected it to be based on things I had heard.

Sunday is up and running. I got to sleep in a bit (9 am) and then got up and headed to Trader Joe's to do my grocery shopping. There were several specific things that I needed from TJs, and I was able to conform my grocery list around shopping there, which is awesome. It was a good week to shop at TJs because I was out of pb, almond butter, almond meal, and soy & flax seed chips! And they had one of the beers that J requested. He had only 4 things on his list, and beer was one of them. Ugh. But I guess I am glad that everything was available at TJs!

Are you having a lovely weekend as well?


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