Emily's New Toy!

I am definitely writing this blog entry from my new Microsoft surface, purchased for me by my husband. He got it for me on Wednesday night when I was out at my girls night. I came home to this lovely gift! Jason helped me decide that this was likely the more practical tablet for me, more so than an ipad, so here I am, enjoying it. I admittedly am a little bit upset with him because I wanted to buy it for myself with money that I had been saving for a long time, but I guess you cant be too mad at someone for buying you a nice gift, right?

A Microsoft surface, for any unfamiliar folks... is that one that you see on all of the television commercials with the tablets with all of the different colors and the dancing...  I am sure that you have seen them? So far, so good. I plan on spending the weekend experimenting with it and this touch pad (the attachable keyboard) to see what I think of it.
Look! There is my surface with this entry on the screen. Pretty sweet, right? J got me the red touchpad. I obviously needed the red one, since my dell laptop is red as well!

J and I are headed to the Ohio State spring game this afternoon. We have two other friends joining us as well. I told him that Addie requested a funnel cake and potentially nachos. He said there was not going to be funnel cakes there. I asked him what kind of an event at an NFL stadium does not have funnel cakes, right? Potentially, I am the only way who feels that way, but I cannot say that I am too upset by that. I have always been an original. *winks*

I am looking forward to going home to Toledo in a week. I took an entire week off work. We have some plans, and some times with no plans. I am not entirely sure what is going on all week, but I am definitely looking forward to not worrying about work or my job for a while. I am sure that I will need to be providing my sister with a guest list and stuff for my shower, as it is less than 2 months away now (eek!), but honestly, I have just not wanted to worry about it too much. I do not really have the energy to think about it right now.

Any big plans for the weekend?


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