Dealing with my LR GUILT

Yesterday ended up being a pretty good day. I did not get a long run in again, but I do not really care about that. I am not supposed to be worrying about that, am I? I am after all, pregnant, right? (Ugh, that is definitely an inner struggle in my head!) But I am trying to continuously remind myself that it IS ok to do LESS miles. I am still regularly running and walking, and I have finally gotten lifting back into my regular routine through bootcamp, which I am relieved about. I always forgot how good about myself I feel when I am lifting regularly. And that needs to mean something because that is going to definitely help me with being strong for baby and getting back into shape after we give birth!

But as much as I am having this internal struggle, my husband is not really helping me to feel any better. Haha. So yesterday we were out to dinner. Basketball was on, he had been playing golf with our friend Bryan all day. Bryan and Leah were also with us at dinner. J says to me, "How far did you run today?" I told him just 4 miles. I woke up feeling awful and stiff and my hips were super tight from side sleeping as I said in my post from yesterday. I felt like I was running in maple syrup for pretty much the entire run, and everything was HARD. But I still got through 4 miles at a sub-10 pace. I was pleased with myself. His response was, "oh. only 4?" Grrr....  That was definitely frustrating.

But I have said all along that it is ok if I have to run/walk the half in Toledo, right? Isn't that what I said in the very beginning? That is very much of an internal struggle, but since my long runs are NOT going well, it might have to be that way. I will try again next week.

After my run, I hung out in what is FINALLY spring weather here in Ohio.
I sat on our porch swing out front. It was so nice our yesterday afternoon. Was I having a guilt complex about my long run? YES, but I am trying to deal with it. I have been running long for well over a year now. When did it become so important? I am honestly not sure, but it is now, and I need to remember that I am well trained. I have built up a ton of endurance, and I am going to survive this half. No matter what.

Any other preggos or previously preggos dealing with this trouble?


  1. I think I'd have the same struggle if I were pregnant - hang in there! It seems to me carrying a baby is even harder. :)


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