Another Trip to the Doc

So yesterday I had my next baby doc appointment. It was the very first one that I attended solo, since the very first one where they did a pelvic exam and all of that good stuff just to confirm that there was something growing (PS - there was!) Honestly, I was glad that I was there alone because I was hoping to chat with the doc about some of the anxiety that I am having, especially about the potential for needing to stop running at some point, and not being on meds anymore. Having J not there was definitely going to make it easier to open up and chat about real things. I was seeing that same doctor that I saw for the very first confirmation appointment who told me that he was a cyclist, etc, so he "got" the running, and was the doc who gave me the all clear to do it as long as it doesn't hurt (outside of ordinary running aches and pains!)

Before the appointment with the doctor started, I had to meet with the nurse for the normal stuff. Weight (12 gained, right on track!), blood pressure (120/70 - perfect!), and a baggie full of goodies, including one not-so-good.
I instagrammed this image last night, with "Anyone know what this is? #pregnancy" My friend Sara IMMEDIATELY commented. And yes, it is my delicious (*vomit*) orange glucose test juice stuff. I have 4 weeks until the test actually occurs (I will be 27 weeks and 4 days-ish?) but this is the last time I go to the doctor before then. The white is a paper that is wrapped around it with all of the lovely instructions, as well as some tips. Like "drink this ice cold. it will taste better"

The doctor ended up being kind of a bust. As I climbed up onto the table so he could listen to the heart and all of that, I kind of grumbled a little to get the ball rolling. He asked what was up, and I told him that I am REALLY struggling with the loss of control. I mean, I know that recently things have been better, and I truly have felt a little bit better, but I still want to voice my concerns. He listened, seemingly concerned and then said, well you are about to lose control of your entire life for the next 20 years. I could come up with no response to that, so it ended there. I guess that is why he is not a therapist? Regardless, I did not feel terribly put off, or turned off to him as a doctor, I want to make that clear.

When I got home from the doctor I need to do my best body bootcamp workout for the day. I had already done the steady state cardio over lunch, running outdoors, which was tough but felt great.
A shot of my BBB plan (with no workouts shown, don't want to reveal any of Tina's secrets!). Yesterday's workout was the same moves as workout A from week 1 but with higher reps. I increased my weights to 12 lbs as well. She is really focusing on stability for these first two weeks, which I am enjoying because it is something that I definitely need to work on. In addition, it will eventually make me stronger as a runner.

My major goals for this plan are to stick to it! And I am also cutting out diet coke. Haha.


  1. Em, I think your conerns are normal. I wish the dr. hadn't dismissed your concerns. I think that a lot of times when people are pregant our society focuses on all of the good things that happen, but tend to gloss over the fact that we have really big and true concerns. The lose of control, our body stops being our own. All of a sudden we have to do everything for the baby not us. And even though you might be in it with your husband, he doesn't have to give up control of his body the way a woman does. I think there is a lot of stuff that Dr. should talk about with women and let them know it's normal. Thank you for sharing your concerns because you are sharing what most people feel but don't talk about. Thank you!

  2. I struggled with the same thing--I think all pregnant ladies do, to some extent--but your body WILL be yours again someday. This isn't "the end" by any means. It's just that right now, your body's most important job is being a cozy vessel for baby, and it's doing awesome at that. The doc's right that you are losing some control of life for good (and that's fine too), but the lack of control over your body is only temporary. Hang in there girl!


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