Accomplishments and some Shopping

So, all I want to eat this second is scrambled eggs with spinach. Seriously. No idea why or where the craving has come from, but it sounds SO GOOD right now. Almost good enough to abandon my lunch that I packed, which is a repeat of yesterdays super awesome amazing lunch. It might have come from the fact that hubby told me last night that it was omelet bar day in his office cafeteria. They have a cafeteria at work where all of the employees can have free breakfast and lunch (as well as an inexpensive dinner if they are working late!) everyday. Yes, I am jealous of that. BUT he has to wear a suit and tie. I wear jeans. Trade off?

Yes, I realize that I failed to get an entry up yesterday, and I definitely apologize for that because I have been on such a roll of writing daily (and I am really starting to enjoy writing daily), but the way work was yesterday, there was just no way that I was going to get an entry written. At least not one that was about anything interesting. 

I am on Day 5 of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp! I plan on getting the cardio in at lunchtime today because it is going to be getting nice outside, and warming up a little bit. So running outside will be a nice change, right? I am definitely looking forward to the warm up in the weather. And then the lifting can be done once I get home from work.

Yesterday at lunch I stopped off at our chosen school for Addie. I dropped off the application as well as our deposit which will hold our spot for mid to late September. Obviously the exact day is TBD based on when she is actually here, but it is good to know that when I am ready (or not ready) to go back to work, she has a wonderful place to go!
We are really pleased with this choice, and we would love for her to be able to stay there until it is time for kindergarten.

After my stop at the school, I ran to Target at lunchtime yesterday because I got a text from the husband that said "panties are on sale at target". This is important to me because Zeus (my little white booger) likes to steal panties out of the hamper and eat the crotch out of them.
Apparently momma panties are delicious (gross) so I am frequently throwing pairs away. I have always bought cotton thongs from VS (the 5/$25 ones, or whatever they cost now!), but lets be honest, 6/$20? That is a bit better (especially when I end up throwing them away because someone eats them) and it is one more pair for $5 less!

After getting my 6 pair of underwear, I wandered through the store a little.I had my whole lunch hour to hang out. I checked out the seasonal section to see if there was anything good.
I ended up with the above, on clearance for $3.60. It will be Addie's Easter basket next year! I might take the lining and have it embroidered with her name, but we will see. I am not sure what color to do that. Maybe pink. The green on the liner is a kind of mint?

Any amazing seasonal sales I need to hit up?


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