A Bit of Variety in my Cardio

Once again, I am attached to the news coverage. I am watching the Fox affiliate in Boston through the internet. It is amazing all of the things that have happened over the last 5 days. But that is really all that I want to talk about with this right now. I am watching. All of you are likely watching as well. We feel drawn to it. Connected to it. Leave at that.

Yesterday for the Best Body Bootcamp, we just had core work and cardio on the schedule. It was cardio B, which was 40 minutes of intervals. I chose to mix things up in a way that I have not for years. Meaning, I did not run. I met Leah at the gym, right after work, and we went to a spin class!

The last spin class that I went to was about a year ago, I met Katie at the gym for a 5 am spin class last January (per my 101 in 1001 days list) and that was the last of it.I am guessing that is because I was early enough in my marathon training that I didn't MIND crosstraining yet. That definitely fell off as time went on. I am trying to be better about this though as time goes on. I know that lifting and cycling (etc) will help me to be a stronger runner and more consistent with less injuries. They always say that a lot, and I definitely need to be better about it.

Our spin class started at 5:30 pm and we set ourselves up on bikes in the corner. It was a super class. It was 1 hour long and included climbs, jumps, sprints, cycling double time, and pyramids. It was tough, felt strenuous (but not overly so for baby Addie), and it was a great change up from running. It gave me a lot of confidence in my endurance because even though I pushed the pace the entire class, I still felt great throughout, which is not something I can really say previously when I was very consistent in my cycling.

The cycling trick that I had to deal with yesterday was seated hand position three. I was just bent over too far for the belly/baby. Haha. If I was standing, it was completely fine, but seated my belly was on top of my knees. So I just had to adjust. And I am sure that I will have to continue to adjust even more. But for now, I liked it because it didn't hurt as much as running, but it was absolutely still a very solid workout.

After we were done with the class, Leah and I went over to another area of the gym, and she showed me some different standing ab moves. I wanted to be able to keep training my core, but obviously crunches or other ab exercises on my back are out. Planks are GREAT, but I need more variety than that. So we did about 250 ab moves with weight. I will use much heavier weight next time, lol, but it was great to learn a few new things.

If you are a runner, are you consistent with crosstraining?


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