2 Delicious Meals

As you all know, I do not typically share food pics on here, because I do not consider myself to be a food blogger, food photographer, or all that interesting of an eater. However, yesterday, I had two of the most delicious meals (that were not poptarts) and I feel the need to share them.
 Lunch was an egg sandwich (I closed it up, so you can't see the egg!) with a slice of cheese and two slices of bacon on a sandwich thing. We had brunch on Sunday and I cooked the whole pound of bacon and now use it on little things throughout the week (it will make another appearance in tomorrow night's dinner!). I had a plain green apple and sliced up strawberries on the side. So good. And pretty.
Dinner. Asparagus (just cooked quickly in the microwave) - I ended up eating more than the 6 spear pictured because I was picking at it before I took the picture. I am so glad it is spring again because the asparagus was nice and fresh. Also the stalks are thin, which is the way I prefer them. (side note: have you ever seen asparagus grow? I have because my sister is an awesome veggie gardener! It is SO WEIRD!) The brown pile of glump is far more delicious than it looks. It is called Swiss Chicken and I found the recipe here. I modified it to work for J and I and some ingredients that we had on hand, but it was DELICIOUS.

Yesterday's workout was done at 4:30 in the morning, and it was the cardio intervals for the best body bootcamp, as required. Like I said, I am trying my darnest to stick to the plan this time and get all of the workouts done. I ended up on the treadmill for 50 minutes, after 30 minutes of running and then I walked for 20. It felt pretty good, in all honesty. I am planning on getting a run outdoors this afternoon!

Last night, this happened:
we pulled the comforter off of our bed the other night because it needs to go to the cleaners. I have not gotten around to taking it yet, so right now it is sitting in a pile on the floor, and I found someone curled up in a little nest. Cutie pie.


  1. mmmm does look delish. I am a huge fan of asparagus and made some on the grill saturday when my parents were over


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