Weekly Workout Recap

I heard on the news this morning that our local paper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, is not going to be printed in Cincinnati any more, today is the first day for that. It will be printed in Columbus, and shipped here, daily. Honestly, while I was not planning on discussing the newspaper in today's entry, that struck me as ridiculous. Several months ago they took away free access to the website (you must be a subscriber), which always irritates J. I usually just go to the local news websites instead. Their write ups are obviously not quite as thorough, but it gets me the local news and I don't have to buy a subscription that I don't want.

Anyway, that is not what I planned on writing about today, so I guess I will just let it go for now. Weird, I think though.

So last week was the first week of the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.
One of the requirements of the challenge is to document your workouts every week, so here is the recap of mine.

Monday: #Race2Remember 5K, strength training from SBBC workout 1
Tuesday: 7 miles
Wednesday: #Race2Remember 10K
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: run 1 mile, walking for 52 minutes, Jillian Michaels 30DS
Saturday: 1.5 mile warmup, Shamrock Shuffle 10K, 0.5 mile cool down
Sunday: 2 miles

Weekly mileage: ~ 37 miles, 1 day crosstraining (Jillian), 1 day strength training

Overall, it was a pretty good week. Mileage was not as high this past week as the week before, but there was a lot of racing happening (3 in one week!) and so most of my runs were pretty high intensity. I feel like I did a pretty good job getting everything done that I wanted to, considering how difficult things are with pregnancy and everything.

And then, just because it is Monday morning...  Found it the splenda bowl at the office:
Have a lovely Monday, and I will be back (hopefully later!) with a Shamrock Shuffle race recap!


  1. great week! you are right with high intensity you don't need to do as much


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