Weekly Workout Recap: March 18

This past week was a week of coming to terms with my body after spending 20 weeks fighting with it. I feel stronger as a result, and more confident in my abilities to pull off mothering as well as my comeback racing AFTER the baby because I am working hard to take care of myself, my baby, and my body during this time.

I am now 21 weeks pregnant. I am over the halfway point, and I am amazed that time has flown by so fast, and how much has changed with my body, even though when I am clothed you cannot tell too much difference. I am learning how different everyone's bodies are when it comes to pregnancy. Some people show and some don't really. It is kind of weird. I can still wear my normal jeans. Buttoned even, although they are no longer comfortable to button, so I usually wear a belt, do the hair band trick, or just wear maternity jeans (remember Joey's Thanksgiving pants from Friends?) which are obscenely comfortable, and I did a good just sizing myself for maternity clothes I think (PS preggo girls, shop at OLD NAVY! I am loving the Old Navy maternity line because it is exactly what I normally wear - jeans and tees from the gap! - but made to fit me!)

So here is the "acceptance" week of workouts for my Spring Challenge!
Monday: 3 miles run, Strength workout #2 from SBBC
Tuesday: 6.6 miles, decent pace
Wednesday: Run 77 - 8.38 miles
Thursday: The Day of Acceptance - 1 mile run, Full body strength circuit
Friday: 30 minute run easy pace, 1 hour walking (15 min/mile)
Saturday: 8 miles (per Flying Pig Half Training Schedule) at 9:32 pace
Sunday: 1 mile run (9:20) to keep the March streak alive!

So although I struggled with the week in general, I still ended up at 35 mile per Daily Mile for the week. That is nothing to sneer at for sure! I walked, I lifted, I ran, I kept my #runstreak alive! I have to look at the week as a whole. I need to look at all of the things that I DID accomplish and remember that I am working hard, even if it is not as hard as I used to be able to do! Right?


  1. When I was pregnant, everyone raved about the gap/old navy maternity clothes being affordable and "normal". Still holds true I see. That's great that you're feeling good and getting moving. Um, not that I'm really a runner, but even not pregnant, I don't rack up that many miles ;) That is certainly an AWESOME week!

    That circuit looks great for my Wednesday challenge where I find one online (typically pinterest) and do it at work. I will have to try that for sure :)


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