Week of March 11 - Workout Recap

Another week of workouts down in the books. Not only that, but this week of workouts marked my 20th week of pregnancy. I am trying to really get the most out of all of my workouts right now, since I am not sure anymore how much longer I will realistically be up to doing them to the same standards (already once lowered) that I have been maintaining for myself.I know that the time is probably coming for me to take another deep breath and come to terms with the fact that things are getting slower....

So let's call this week a HUGE week of accomplishments and potentially the biggest week of workouts that I will have before the baby arrives.

3.25 mile "runch" in 30 minutes (9:07 pace)
Tina Reale's Upper Body Burn
Treadmill run. 5.5 miles. (9:09 pace)

7 miles - tready. I am always on the treadmill these days. Outside it too hard. (9:12 pace)

6 miles, easy pace (9:37)
#bestfoot WoW in the afternoon!

1 mile run (March Run Everyday Challenge)
4.11 miles of walk/run intervals

3 mile run - prerace shakeout (9:30 pace)
30DS Level 2 (with modifications to the abs sections to all planks - gotta accommodate my growth!)
1.25 mile walk downtown to and from packet pick up

Heart Mini 15K (with 2 potty breaks) 9.33 miles
Heart Mini 5K 3.85 miles

Totals for the week:
44.29 miles (woop!)
1 30DS
1 WoW
1 strength
1 crosstraining (Friday)

I guess I definitely need to be proud of myself for this week of workouts. I really was hammering it home. I only have 1 strength listed, but you definitely can consider both the WoW and the 30DS to be strength workouts, I just enjoy classifying them differently so I can see the variety that I am putting into my training.

How did everyone else fare last week?


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