Trying to be Positive

I read a post by my long time friend Alisha this morning. It was a lot about her trying to keep things positive and upbeat in her blog and her facebook posts, etc. Honestly, I find it to be inspiring. Granted, I am far more open here about how I am feeling about anything and everything than most bloggers, but at the same time, I am negative in general. Both on the blog and in real life. There is lots of positive in my life, and I think sometimes I do nothing about writing about the good things. I just focus on the negative and the stressy things, always.

I should probably work on that. I should probably make more of an effort to be positive about things. And Alisha should get some credit for making me feel like I need to turn over a new leaf, once again about making an attempt to be more positive. I need to work on trying to be more excited about the life that J and I have been working so hard to create for ourselves. He is doing a wonderful job of providing for me and Bebe Nix, and that is so amazing.

I have a really wonderful life, despite how negative I act, and I should do so much better at being proud of the life that we have, the work that we do, and our continuing attempts to make ourselves better all the time. Our family is strong and growing and that is so awesome. We are trying to make ourselves and our home and everything related to that better. We have work to do, obviously, everyone does. But we work hard on a daily basis to make our lives... stronger.


  1. Emily, you are amazing. You are working hard, eating healthy, a strong runner, growing a baby!!! I'm in awe of everything you do. I wish you were close by!


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