The Thing that Broke Me

Something happened. After I wrote yesterday's entry. After I journaled so I could get out all of the strange feelings that I was having regarding my ultrasound. After I met with Leah and gave her the sealed envelope with the sex of our baby in it. After I hit the treadmill to hammer our a 10K for Janine's #Race2Remember
I actually completed this 10K in less time than the last 10K that I ran (that was a real race) - all the way back in July! But we will not be calling this one a PR, I struggle with that for sure.

What happened yesterday? These arrived:
And something completely ridiculous, completely random, makes me feel happy and excited to become a mom. Tom's. Size "Tiny 4". They make me smile. Make me happy. Make me want the best dressed baby on the block (even though mommy looks like the lamest of all gap ads in jeans, tees, and NO accessories whatsoever). And in one teeny tiny way, I am feeling excited about being a mom. Something new. Something I didn't even feel too much when I saw the baby doing a little jig on the screen yesterday. Something I didn't even feel all that much when we got a thigh bone shot, and I joked to Jason "look at those runner legs!" But those teeny tiny shoes... they did it a little, and for that, I am really glad.

I needed something to kick myself into place for sure. And if some teeny shoes do it and make me smile when I need a smile, I should just take it and RUN.


  1. Okay those are the cutest little Tom's ever! And excellent run! :)

  2. THose shoes are sooo cute!!! :)
    My husband and I are planning to conceive this year too, looks like I'll be learning a lot from your blog. =))

  3. Aww, baby shoes are adorable! So glad they helped you get excited about this, seeing all the little clothes really helped make it real for me!


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